Relaxing Sundays that start with a 15 mile run

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In movies when people relax on Sundays they start off drinking coffee in bed reading the paper. Then they get up and go the park for a walk and stop for a champagne brunch. Then they walk through a flea market and buy some really cool stuff. They have interesting relaxing conversations that segue into these really deep talks about the Meaning of Life. Later they meet with friends for drinks. Pretty soon they’re breaking baguettes and slicing cheese and getting ready for dinner. During the drinks and dinner, there are more of those same Meaningful Conversations. This kind of movie is called a chick flick. If it were a bro movie, there would be men shooting other men. There would be men racing around on motorcycles, cars or trucks grunting to each other in monosyllables. Vin Diesel would star. But in your chick flicks, there are always these relaxing weekends that kind of tease you into thinking that other people have such lovely romantic relaxing lives. Maybe they do.

We had a relaxing Sunday, but ours was quite different. I got up at 5 and ran 15 miles to start it off. When I got back, we started in on some gardening. I got some lilies and daisies going. I’m trying to improve our front flower beds which look like a disaster hit them. The soil is poor and the trees need trimming so of all the things plants like—water, sunlight and good soil, they’re not exactly getting their fair share. But we dug in and did considerable gardening. Mark dug the holes while making comments about how I don’t know what I’m doing digging holes. Just because mine are too shallow doesn’t give him permission to say these things. I don’t like to hear them. Or that when I chop vegetables, they’re too large. If I need mentoring in any area of my life, I’ll let him know.

Then we cleaned the house from top to bottom. Eventually our mops met in the middle of the house. We listened to movie music while cleaning. At Chicago we were really moving. Then we got going on some serious cooking. He’s doing the rice and shrimp; I’m making goat cheese chicken and a chayote salad. We don’t have many dinner parties, but we’re having one tonight. It was supposed to be for eight people, but one couple can’t make it, so we’re six. Six is good.

Tomorrow I’ve got a lunch, tomorrow night having dinner with a friend, Tuesday lunch with Percival Everett, Thursday lunch with one of our board members at the Athenaeum at Cal Tech. Einstein ate there! I feel smarter just going there. That’s where Red Hen had our first dinner to celebrate raising the funds to move to Pasadena. It was in the Library which is such a beautiful room. Then the roll of event s leading up to our anniversary event on Sunday. Buying flowers, dinner party Friday night, board meeting Saturday, cocktail party Saturday night (last year I totaled my car on the way to the cocktail party.) Sunday the big brunch! And if you haven’t already bought tickets, it is not too late to buy them right now. It’s going to be an amazing luncheon. You should come!

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