How Much do you put yourself out there?

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Play it safe, play it sweet, stay close to home and nobody needs to get hurt. You won’t ever get hurt if you never actually DO anything. You won’t ever get hurt if you don’t fall in love. You won’t have to leave anyone if there isn’t anyone to leave.

Some of us like to keep it safe. If you don’t go to the movies, you don’t risk running out of popcorn. We all know people whose lives are indeed very easy. They don’t take any risks so nothing really heinous ever happens.

I have actually slept in cars and under trees. I have risked everything over and over and now I find myself being more careful. I don’t risk family or friendships. But I keep up with risks that might make it possible to run the press, to write something astonishing.

If you want a safe life, you can actually write safe stories and safe poems. You can stay within the bounds of decency at all time. You can behave yourself. You can go to nice restaurants, wear nice clothes, have a nice family, try not to have boys. If you an engineer, definitely avoid boys as they might turn out to be awkward.

My book coming out in January from the University of New Mexico Press is about this very issue. I lie very much to think about the idea of a lukewarm life and how boring it would be. In space, they aren’t really looking for intelligent life; they’re looking for planets that are not too hot and not too cold, planets that exist in what they call “the goldilocks zone.” Such a zone would be perfect for habitable life in a galaxy, but it would be rather tedious for life on this one.
However, many people like to keep their lives as quiet as possible. Rather than travel to interesting places, they like to watch the Travel Channel.

Experience is what makes life worth living. I don’t suggest starting a non profit, having children, climbing mountains, hiking or falling in love. Any of these might prove dangerous to your stability. If you want to keep your life calm, then play it safe.

What we put out into the world is what we get back. If we put out very little, we will get back very little. The goldilocks zone is where I want to sleep. Not too hot. Not too cold.

But when I’m awake, I want to feel the hots and the colds. I want to feel it all coming toward me. Experience is everything.

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