Adventures on the freeway

ll 244 Elise at her wedding to Jared

I was driving along yesterday on my way to get a haircut and then go to speak at Cal State Fullerton listening to some rock out tunes on Jack FM and hoping for some dance music like “The Roof is on Fire,” and then I smelled something strange like the car is on fire and then I realized yes, the car is on fire. There was smoke billowing out from under the hood. It’s really a ghastly smell to have your car catch fire. I slid off the freeway and then when the car was cooled for a few minutes, I slid into the parking lot of my girlfriend’s salon.

I called Mark at work and explained the situation and he showed up to give me his car and ride home with the tow truck driver. When he walked in while I was getting a haircut and laughing and chatting with Susie, he bowed and handed me his keys. He said, “Is there anything else I can do for you today dear?” I feel there was a note of sarcasm in his voice. I distinctly feel that I heard that.

Off I went to Cal State Fullerton which was great. They had all this great Thai food and the students were amazing as usual. Stephanie who runs the Creative Writing Club there is a champ.

Today, Elise Capron and I went to see the James Turrell light show at LACMA. There was a pink room which we liked a lot. We would have liked to put our hands and heads into the darkness and into the light and even to sit with our legs dangling into the void, but there are rules about how close you can get to the light show.

Tomorrow I am mostly staying home except the part where we go pick up a car rental. My car needs some serious repairs. It better not give up. I have dreams that involve it lasting beyond 300,000 miles and it hasn’t made it there yet, but I think it is going to dip and scoop into my savings. What savings? You ask. That’s right, I don’t have any savings. Actually, I lie. I have $104 in savings so that’s gone plus whatever else I can dredge up.

In college when my car was in the shop, I would ride my bike around and I would save up money until I could get my car out of hock. I’ve thought about that, but it just seems like riding a bike 40 miles down the 5 freeway isn’t going to cut it. I think it would be good exercise but probably highly dangerous.

I do a lot of running, but biking the 5 is not something I’m ready for. Off to New Mexico Monday night. To give a paper at the mentoring institute. I need some money management mentoring. Starting with. Do not start a publishing company. Ah, but it’s so much fun.

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