What we talk about when we talk about Los Angeles

IMG_1011 the 405

What we talk about when we talk about Los Angeles

We talk about driving. Everywhere you go, people talk about the length of time it takes to get from point A to point B. We’re going to a play about Lincoln in Westwood in January with Hershey Felder who I adore and am secretly in love with, nobody knows except my blog readers, but I have seen his plays in three cities, so I’m a crossover from fan to stalker. But, we can’t invite any Pasadena people to come because it would take a couple of hours to traverse that 25 miles.

I’m going to drinks at Drago Central tonight. It’s exactly 14 miles from my work. If I’m lucky, I can make it in under an hour.

The sad thing is we just get used to it. But we don’t stop complaining. On my way to work in the morning, I ride in the Lexus lanes, paying the extra $3.95 to get to work a half hour sooner. It’s ridiculous. Next semester my first class starts at 7 am, so I will get up at 4 am, go the gym and be driving to work by 5:45, presumably I won’t need the Lexus lanes at that hour, but we’ll see.

I like early morning. When I get up at 5 am to run or go to the gym, it’s a dim quiet world out there. I don’t drink coffee till I get back, but sometimes I take Powerade on the runs. I used to drink Gatorade back in the good old days when we ate bagels once a week, had bread in the house, had cheese and rosemary crackers, ate peanut butter pretzels on trips or sesame crackers, had popcorn with parmesan on weekends, had spaghetti with garlic bread, all those great foods brushed away in our low carb world. I remember when there was pizza in our house nearly all the time. The other day the Pizza Hut guy showed up to our door by accident, just the smell reminded me of teenage boys devouring boxes and boxes of chicken wings and pizza. I was swept back to the smell of boys, the sound of Led Zeppelin over the speakers, the constant incense. I miss the boys. I miss drinking Gatorade on runs. But the Powerade Zero has no calories and no carbs and this is what I am left with. I dream of carbs. I dream of rice, backed potatoes, buttered toast with marmalade, lasagna and quesadillas.

But once you’re over forty, you have to kiss most of those things goodbye. Some people are naturally thin like my friends Lisa, Kim, Sarah, Karen, Rachel, Susie, Tracy, okay, all my girlfriends are thin as goddesses and they still eat. It’s amazing I’m still willing to be friends with them but it shows that I have self confidence. “Don’t worry about thin,” I say to myself, “You know what you’ve got?” And then I wait for the answer and it comes. I say to myself, “Other stuff.” And that’s a fact, dear blog reader, I do indeed have other stuff. New Mexico next weekend to give my paper on mentoring at the Institute on Mentoring at the University of New Mexico. The party goes on.

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