Running on empty

mm 321 the blue sheep of Frankfurt

Great AROHO party at the Ruskin tonight. Lovely wine, great food. Aimee Liu, Janet Fitch, Nicelle Davis, my friend Jackie. Darlene Chandler Bassett was there and it was an amazing party.

I’m tired though, need to catch up on sleep.

I am sort of at the end of my little pond of energy. Everybody has a pond, mine is a super deep pond. More like a well; however, it does run low from time to time. I’ve been working, thinking, writing at full speed and I don’t have the energy left for anything. I want to sleep for twenty hours. I like the feeling after sleeping of being fully rested. What the empty feeling is like: No ideas. Just like you’re in a cloudy zone and everything is hazy blue.

Humans sleep eight to ten hours a day.
Dogs sleep twelve to eighteen hours a day.
Cats sleep fifteen to twenty hours a day.
Koalas sleep sixteen to twenty hours a day.

Think how cool it would be to be a dog or cat. It would be a very relaxing lifestyle. The only problem with this would be a rather low list of accomplishments. Dogs and cats get enough sleep, but besides eating and playing around, they don’t get a great deal done. No great civilization. They don’t invent iPhones and they don’t text or send emails. They sniff each other and that’s their idea of communication.

I’m going to get caught up on sleep. And then the ideas will swirl. There’s no bottom to the idea well.

The Bottom of the Well

A cloud-shaped shadow
at the bottom of the well.

A half dead rabbit
at the bottom of the well.

An owl thirsting for blood
and rafters watches.

I’m down here in the thick quiet air.
Leaning into the well wall.

Don’t throw me a ladder.
I like it away from the watchers.

I like it in sight of the sky.

Don’t You Hate Men? Now Don’t You? Aren’t They Just Too Stupid for Words?

My article in Huffington Post is about how it’s not okay to talk about how stupid men are and then expect men to always talk respectfully to and about women. Read it, you’ll learn a lot.

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  1. It was great seeing you at the AROHO party, Kate. I hope you’ve managed to get some rest and replenish that famous store of amazing energy!

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