This week is kind of crazy but I am alive and surviving

mm 315 School established in the next movie after Princess Bride. From Germany.

I went to a party Monday night at the Beverly Hills Hotel. We went to the Polo Lounge which is kind of nice and romantic, lit greenways out under the sky. I wouldn’t say out under the stars, because in Los Angeles, there are no stars. At least not the kind you see in the sky. The only stars that one sees are the ones walking around at parties, and at this party, there were plenty of the other kind of stars.

We saw friends Bruce Bauman and Kim Dower as we came in, and then as we walked into the party, Harrison Ford was there and later, we walked around and there was Governor Jerry Brown, Angelica Huston and Julian Sands who is smashing. He is such a gorgeous guy; I would like to spend some time just hearing him talk to me. I would listen attentively. Harrison Ford was looking very good as well. He’s tall, dapper and has a flair about him. One always hears about actors being short. None of these actors were. Harrison Ford is tall as is Julian Sands.

The whole party was kind of outrageous fun. Adam Somers, the Executive Director of PEN was there. I knew him in 2005-2006 when I was president of PEN USA. At that time he looked about 40-45 and had the energy of five people. I haven’t seen him much since then, and now it’s eight years later; and he still looks exactly the same age. One thing is for sure, being ED of PEN USA does not age one as quickly as being president of the United States. Our presidents seem to age at twice their normal speed. Well, except for W who spent a lot of time on vacation. Quite a lot. I don’t think Adam’s on vacation at his ranch in Crawford, Texas although he used to have horses, so you never know. I’ve also ruled out Adam being an alien, so obviously, he’s doing some clean living and it’s agreeing with him.

Tomorrow I have the AROHO party. Tonight I met Tom Lutz for drinks at Vertical Bar in Pasadena. For those of you who are not from Los Angeles, sometimes traffic hits you hard. It took two hours to cover the twenty miles to this meeting. It was so frustrating; I wanted to scream. But then I arrived, paid the $10 valet fee and calmed myself down a bit.

Tom Lutz is a professor at UCR and the chair of the creative writing department and he’s the executive editor and founder of the Los Angeles Review of Books. In an interview, Tom estimated the cost of LARB to be half million a year,
And clearly, it’s been a success. Tom Lutz is a hugely successful writer, editor and professor. It’s good to see someone at the top of their game in the literary world.

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