Einstein on the Beach, a week in the life

mm 304 Jewish cemetery in Frankfurt

Well, I’m back in Los Angeles, and fortunately it’s an easy week with nada mucho to do. Well, except a few things.

I have a poem that I agreed to write for a friend’s music. And two librettos that I need to revise. And my non fiction books that I will spend a lot of time on this weekend. I’m going out to see Tracy’s family on Sunday with Nicelle. And I agreed to bring a pie. I think I’ll make the pie on Saturday. So, there’s that stuff: Writing and visiting.

Well, and I have my university teaching and I have working to the press. So, it’s not like I’m just resting up this week. Oh and tonight I am going to the PEN Literary Awards party/dinner at Beverly Hills Hotel with Mark. Joan Didion is being honored, so that’s all good. Oliver Stone is presenting the Freedom to Write award. We’re meeting there, and I am hoping for a glass of wine. So there is that party.

Tomorrow night I am having drinks with friends after work. Then, Wednesday night I have business drinks after work. Thursday I am going to the AROHO party. All this requires dressing up. I like to decide what I’m going to wear just seconds before I leave for events, that way I can surprise myself with what I come up with. Mark says other people are surprised also. “In a good way?” I ask. But there’s only so much danger that man is willing to put himself into.
“It depends what you consider a good way,” he says.

So it isn’t a sleepy week exactly. We’re getting closer to the Red Hen anniversary, and I can feel the work accelerating and the energy rising at Red Hen Press. Our event is November 10th, 2013 at the Westin in Pasadena. We’re going to have really yummy food and the desserts are to die for. And we have nice champagne. I’m excited about Alice Sebold, Charles Yu and C.D. Wright who will be reading. Our awards are from 11 am to 2 pm. We don’t go overtime. Unlike some activities, award lunches and dinners can drag on too long. You do not want people dreaming of going out the exits.

As for Einstein on the Beach, I will refer you to the review in Huffington Post by jay Weinstein which says,

I read in the program that Glass was so broke after this American debut that he went back to driving a taxi! Our local paper’s astute music critic, Mark Swed, said that its promoters called it “one of the biggest cultural events of the season.” Well, it was a big event… but at the end of the evening I kept thinking of the story about the Emperor’s Clothes…. What may have happened is that when this visionary work was first conceived by composer Philip Glass and director Robert Wilson, and performed we had not yet been exposed to such theatrical adventures as Cirque de Soleil and the like, no Internet and cable TV…. and so it was recognized back then as a new-form experience. But now we as an audience are jaded, so this long, tedious incoherent work seems — at least to me, a dinosaur. An opera? Not really. I’m old-fashioned enough to think an opera is a theatrical work which has an exciting musical score, a coherent storyline, and performers who can thrill me. Nothing like that happened.


Yes, let me say sadly that we were not the right audience for Einstein. We like story. We like plot. Five hours is too long for us to go to the opera. The only way to see this opera properly is probably to be on acid and we were fresh out.

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  1. surely there were some acid tabs still in your freezer! (that you were saving for just such an occasion)… love your sketches of a busy creative live… love, L

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