Why I like to be home

mm 301 my hotel in Frankfurt

I don’t have to fight anyone. I don’t have to try to figure out what’s happening; I’m here with Mark and together we can figure out what is happening.

I like the middle of the story. The part where you’re in love and you’re home and you don’t know what adventure is around the corner.

I like stories, the way they stretch out into the night. In the beginning of the story, I walked away into the night, down the road. Leaves were falling. As night rose in the woods, I carried my sleeping bag over my shoulder, my harmonica. I wasn’t afraid of anything. I knew I would never be sick or sad again because I had gotten out.

I was wrong. Later, I was sick, later lonely, later, when the adventure became too big for me, I needed help. But that first day, walking out alone, I was ready for any adventure.

The early part of the story was thin, the air was thin and cold. I buried journals under soil and leaves. I had never tasted alcohol. I had never slept in a bed.

A year after I left, I’d worked odd jobs and I get a job as a caretaker of an older lady. I was given a room with a bed. The room had pink flowery curtains and a pink flowery bedspread. There will pillows. I was very excited by the bedroom. I liked the curtains especially. There was a dresser, but I had nothing to put in it except my harmonica. It was very exciting; the pillows and the coverlet. I had one pair of jeans; I had a t-shirt, I went commando under all that. The old lady asked me what I could cook for her. I offered to cook biscuits for breakfast; I served her fresh buttered biscuits and honey. For lunch she just wanted soup and salad, for dinner, I would make her dinners like fried chicken or spaghetti. She liked everything. She laughed at my jokes. She explained the South to me. She said the people were all right and they meant well but they had gotten the wrong idea over the years about many things. I asked what things and she said, pretty near everything.

That was still near the beginning of the story. At this part of the story, I’ve realized that we all got a lot of things wrong. I see the world as I see it, but I’m sure I see a lot of things from the Kate perspective and in fact, that is not the only perspective. If we can see the world from other perspectives, maybe we see the world truly.

If we see the universe clearly, then we can understand the strands of the story, the beginning, the middle, the end. I’m in the middle and I like it here. I think more adventures are up ahead. I have a new harmonica.

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