German habits and air travel

Germany and Air Travel

1. You can tell European haircuts from American haircuts because they’re kind of disheveled. American haircuts are neat.
2. German children suck pacifiers until they’re five? Six? Joining the Army? A long time, I tell you.
3. German children go to school by themselves or on little bikes with backpacks as big as they are.
4. Singapore Airlines bumped me on the flight back because they oversold the plane. I’m flying Lufthansa.
5. German women over forty are formidable.
6. Germans do not believe in feminism. I’ve been told this several times, they say that Angela is not a feminist and that saying someone is a feminist is a dirty word. Very strange. I don’t think saying you’re a feminist is going to have boyfriends flocking to you in the U.S., but it’s certainly not off putting to everyone.
7. Two German women in a meeting told me you are more likely to be able to keep a man if you wear red. So if you want your man to get the hell out, what do you wear? Green? Yellow? I did not get that information.
8. German woman in a meeting told me that German country people are really ignorant and likely to be conservative but when they move to the city, they change. I said the U.S. is similar. It’s really more blue city, red country than red state blue state. The woman said, “Ah but Americans are glamorous. They don’t have the capacity for ignorance that Germans do.” Let me see, the fact that you are saying that underscores your own possible ignorance, so you’re proving your own point. The fact is that many Americans watch Fox News (an oxymoron) and listen to Rush and Sean, and are ignorant as hell. Come on, most Americans don’t know who Angela Merkel is, don’t know where Ethiopia is. Americans take ignorance to new and interesting depths.
9. Air travel is not glamorous. It’s much more like bus travel or cattle travel or horse travel because they feed you grains and special hay.
10. My hotel never did get the internet although that’s why I booked it in the first place, I do’t know though, I might stay there again, now that I know how to walk to the book fair from there.
Home sweet home.

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