Things I learn from Chinese television station

Never think you can get close to goodness, shine or beauty and become them. You have to find your own. (See! I could write my own self help book! Find the box etc.)

The television has a limited number of topics, but I will tell you what I have learned so far.

1. Van Gogh—some long series on what a great artist he is and how horrible it was for him to be middle class and not have money and have to take money from his family. Okay, I know he was a genius and all that, but having to take money from your family is still better than not having a family to take money from.
2. The American economy is going down the tubes. Obama wants to keep on raising the national debt but the Republicans disagree. Okay, Obama’s great and all that, but shouldn’t we be finding ways to spend less and bring the national debt down? I hate to side with the Republicans on anything but… Maybe it’s just the point of view from here.
3. China as an economy is on the rise. According to the Apec summit report, China is doing well.
4. China has severe problems with smog which are affecting flights, travel and life in general.
5. Riots in Brazil which has an unstable government.
6. The president of Argentina who looks super sexy and well dressed is having brain surgery.
7. Mangos are a very important fruit and there are many kinds of mangos in India.
8. China is suffering from a typhoon.
9. Do not buy coral necklaces. Bad for the coral reefs.
10. Many Africans are dead in an attempt to migrate to Italy. Italy needs to make it easier for them to enter the country. (In California, this isn’t the response.)
Different country. Different story.

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