Frankfurt 2

I am in a better part of Frankfurt; the light is grey green here and very soft. The neighborhood is quite nice. There is an Italian restaurant near my hotel and tonight I bought a salad there. In spite of walking two hours to the book fair and back, I was concerned about having too many carbs, and to tell the truth, I am pretty hungry. One meal a day is just not cutting it for me. But I had a lot of coffee this morning, and they’re into condensed milk in the coffee.

The houses are old and have a lot of red vines growing on them. In the grocery store where I buy water, and grapes, there is a huge section for skin care, it’s almost overwhelming. Americans have a lot of cheesy skin care products in the grocery store. This is high end stuff. The local fruit is apples; there are grapes from Chile which I didn’t buy, but there is also fruit from Italy. There is a lot of chocolate which I long for.

There is a big sign by the book fair that says, Paulo Coelho. If you don’t know who he is, you have missed some very important self help books. Coelho is right up there with The Road Less Travelled, Jonathan Livingstone Seagull and that great tome not to be missed by anyone who wants to be a better human being, The Celestine Prophecy. Here is what you could learn from reading these books.

There is a way.
Follow the way toward goodness.
Be good.
Be wise.
Be good and wise on the way toward goodness.

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