I ran a half marathon yesterday morning just for fun.

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It was fun, and I really felt I had stretched my legs. In training for a marathon, one is supposed to get to the point where running a 20 on the weekend is a piece of cake. I have a ways to go there. It’s more like I might eat a whole cake afterward, not just a piece. Kidding. With my crazy low carb diet, the running isn’t exactly easy, but it’s coming along.

Yesterday we had a nice event at the Santa Monica Pier a poetry event and party and people wore really cool party clothes. And then we went to dinner at Upstairs 2 with Travis and Sarah which was good, kind of sexy low lit romantic place. I thought it was going to be pricey because they confirmed so many times –three or was it five? At any rate, they had me on speed dial, but it was quite reasonable. Yummy little small plate things. Always good to see Travis and Sarah and hang out.

Today I am flying to Frankfurt, well first to NY, then to Frankfurt. When I arrive after 14 hours of travel, I will want to go to bed, but it will be morning in Frankfurt. I will get to my hotel and then map out my way to the bookfair. This time I have brought a sweater, a wrap, a coat, and music for the plane in case the movies bore me.

What I like to do on planes: Think, read, write on my laptop. Pretend I am in my own little moon pod going to the moon and having this alone experience on the way. Whether I can keep the moon pod story going in my head and feel alone and happy depends on how many kids are shrieking whether the back of my seat is being kicked and how many times the captain comes on to warn of turbulence.

Some people don’t like to fly. What you miss by not flying: The other side of the moon. It’s very simple. If you want to see yourself on the dark side of the moon, in a different light, wearing different clothing, in a world where they speak English backwards or not at all, where the light is diffuse, your knowledge unimportant, your shoes out of place, the way you stain and smudge the landscape completely a different color than at home, then go. They have different flags waving there. Different rules. But that’s why we go, so we can govern ourselves in a new way and find that in that country, our core still works. Learn to cook on a different stove. Dance to different music. Germany isn’t so far off. I could go farther. I just need more flying techniques. Some people like to get to places accessible by car or rail, flying requires wings.

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  1. Good for you. I ran the half marathon when i was In the army. Good to accomplish things with our body and gain confident.

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