Poetry Prom this weekend! Santa Monica 4-6 pm

iphone 1 086 Frankfurt–I got all into this thing, why? you would ask

I’m sitting at the Wine Detective in Pasadena waiting for a couple who I am meeting here. It’s right across from Green Street Restaurant where I’ve eaten lunch many times and breakfast too. We had breakfast there right after last Thanksgiving with my mother-in-law and brother-in-law. He was on the phone a lot of the time, but eventually he joined us. I like Green Street. It’s a jovial place; some people get sick of the Diane salad, I once heard someone refer to “that damned Diane salad,” but you can order something else. The Diane salad, for those of you who have not tried it, is iceberg and white chicken and some sort of dressing that’s basically poppy seed? I think so.

Written the next day: Reading last night was good. Holly Robinson mostly told some family stories. Susan Straight told more family stories and read in that lucid clear lovely voice that holds you breathless and then Tess Taylor holding out poem after poem each one tightly wrapped, cleanly written, a story of our nation’s history, before and after. She’s interested in how we began, and how we’re carrying that story forward. I like poems that tell stories. I’d love to have Tess read with David Mason and see how their narrative poems talk to each other.

Getting ready for Frankfurt.
And the poetry prom! Saturday at 4 pm, and it’s Nicelle’s birthday weekend!

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