Happiness is not over rated.

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Many Americans think if they won the lottery they would be happy. If they won the lottery, they wouldn’t have to go to their stupid job with their stupid boss. Their stupid boss could just go take a hike.

I have a few teaching gigs, but no stupid bosses, so I have no bosses that I need to tell off.

Okay, then after they told their boss to take a hike, most Americans think they’d go shopping, buy themselves a really big plasma so they could watch sports on it and their favorite TV shows.

I don’t need a TV, but I would buy a car, not a fancy car, just a Honda.

Then they somehow picture that they would stop working and watch TV and/or golf.

Not what I would like to do. I don’t golf and I don’t like to sit around. Frankly, I think most people enjoy their lives more if they are productive and actually doing something.

I think the best thing we can do for ourselves is to live the life we would like to live now. Even without the lottery. There are parts of my life that I would like to avoid and somehow in my future life I will. Parts like traffic.

If I were a rich man, the song goes.

So, when I dream of an easier life, here is what I dream of:

A house with a pool. And an avocado tree. And lots of vines growing along the fence. Okay, I already have that part.

My house would have window seats with little curtains across them so you could hide in those little seats and read.
And it would have a fireplace.
The pool would have trees beside it. And the house would have a library. And a wine cellar and a chicken coop. A nice chicken coop. My chickens have class. They want to be comfortable. They’re not your average country birds, and they are definitely not ghetto birds. They want nice little perches, and nice little comfy nests.

I’d like a decent kitchen with cupboards that close unlike the cupboards in my current kitchen.
I would have a shower and a bathtub. We only have a bath because we got rid of the shower because Mark wanted a bath. I miss the shower. That shows who has more control in our casa.

Face it, my future life/house is not much different than my current house/life except that I would have a pool. I’ve always dreamed of pools ever since I came to Los Angeles. I thought everyone in LA had a pool and an orange tree. Well, I do have an orange tree that gives us a lot of oranges. And what’s a dream life without oranges?

Love the life you have, that’s what I try to do, this may be my only life.

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  1. “Love the life you have, that’s what I try to do, this may be my only life.” I like the wisdom in your thoughts. Need to enjoy what we do.

  2. This is as good as it going to get, with or without the lottery. You always have you looking back at you in the mirror. Peace.

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