Red Hen Press book, Song for Chance by John Van Kirk reviewed by New York Times.

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Red Hen Press book, Song for Chance by John Van Kirk reviewed by New York Times.

What I am thinking about today. When you meet with the Emperor or Japan, you must not step on his shadow. That’s a good policy. Don’t step on someone’s shadow.

A shadow is what you leave behind. A shadow is what’s left of you when you are not there. A shadow is the darkness that follow you. A shadow is the rest of you. In colonial literature, the shadow is the other. That other is all that is not White and privileged and male.

We walk in the light and there is a dark puddle beside us. That puddle follows us and in that puddle is everything we try to leave behind. We do not speak of our shadow. We do not look at our shadow. We do not think of our shadow.

In my shadow is certain guilt for what I did not do well, certain regret for the little me so long abandoned, there is a dream for every time I could have relaxed and I did too much, there is a dream of writing more of flying into the air more, there is a wish for more air time.

In one’s shadow is the dark you try to leave behind.

We saw the movie Emperor tonight. If you like movies about history, you might like it. It tells the story of the beginning of the occupation. The U.S. bombed Japan which was already ready to surrender to show the Russians that we had the bomb. We had worked too hard on that bomb not to drop it on somebody. We dropped it and then we dropped again. And then the war over and it was the beginning of the era of the weapons of mass destruction which now practically everybody has. There are instructions online telling you how to build your own thermonuclear bomb. I would not suggest downloading those instructions. You would then be put on a special watch list and you would be watched every minute. When you’re in the back of a taxi going to a bar, you’d be watched. In case anyone is watching me right now, I already know what I am doing. I’m eating watermelon.

The Emperor is a good quiet history movie worth seeing. For the record, the losers of the last war are doing better than the winners. Here are some foreign trade records for some of the winners and losers of the last war for 2012. To the losers go the spoils.

Japan: We imported 146 million and exported 70 million.
Germany: We imported 109 million, exported 49 million.
Italy: We imported 37 million, exported 16 million.

Our allies during the last war:
Russia: 29 million imports, 11 million exports
France: 42 million import, 31 million exports
UK: 55 million imports, 55 million exports

Okay and then there is China:
425 million imports and 110 million exports, that’s a 315 million trade deficit.


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