Shadows and fall

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There are shadows everywhere as the fall brushes into us here in the So Cal and now, in the daytime it’s only in the seventies or eighties and at night it’s in the Sixties. My friend Peggy who is in Alaska tells me there is snow on the ground there and when Joe takes off in his small plane, his hands are cold and he needs gloves. I like to think of him flying in his small plane, the wings lifting into the cold Alaska air.

We all make mistakes in life, sometimes I think I abuse the privilege. But I learn from my mistakes. I remember my son telling me, “I learn from every mistake, and now I can make all new ones.” That seems to be my thing as well. I try to learn though. I know there is a music to the universe that has to do with listening to compassion and integrity and realizing when you make mistakes. I’m trying to listen to that music.

I believe in keeping literature alive. I believe in the physicality of books. I believe in stories and the way they transform us. I believe in a moose family making their way across a river. And a bear going off to sleep for winter. How I envy that bear. Bears lose one quarter of their weight in winter while they sleep; this does not happen to me. Winter, even in California reminds me of snow. I haven’t seen snow for many years. We used to ski every winter, but now that the kids are gone, we don’t have the time.

To relax now, we watch Star Trek. It makes us think about other planets. We don’t dream of visiting other planets; let’s face it, this is very unlikely to happen in our lifetime. I’ll be quite amazed if we discover aliens in my life. My new book of poetry is called Goldilocks Zone. It’s about the inventions of glass, condoms, bridges and fireworks. Each changed the world separately. The Chinese invented fireworks and the British came along and figured out how to make it into gunpowder; they built cannons.

The Goldilocks Zone is about the way we live life. What scientists look for is a planet that is not too hot and not too cold. That’s where there might be life. But what we who write look for in a life is much different. We look for extreme joy, extreme loneliness. We learn from highs and lows. We learn from wild, from mistakes, from light, from dark. We learn from living outside the goldilocks zone. In a life, one doesn’t want to be not too hot or not too cold, one doesn’t want tepid. One wants to completely alive. At least, I do.

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