Come to the Jack London Bar in Portland on Thursday!, Apple hates its customers

vv 021 NY, I miss you

Tess Taylor’s publication party was wonderful. Camille Dungy and Brynn Saito read poems as well. There were special Red Hen drinks and a bluegrass band and yummy finger foods. I feel like The Forage House is well launched. Some people asked me if I always go to the publication parties of my authors and I had to admit I only come when I am invited. This was a great party.

This morning, Molly and Tobi and I went to brunch at Luna Park where they have really yummy food and bottomless mimosas. I really think I had too many of those mimosas but they were good. Yesterday we decided to upgrade our iPhones, Tobi and me, and this proved quite difficult. It used to be possible to transfer one’s photos, contacts etc to your new phone so you would have a phone with exactly what your old phone had. It worked for Tobi’s phone, but it did not work for mine. Mine still has no google calendar and no photos, so I left it in San Francisco. Not having a phone for a while might be good for me. The other annoying part is that you go to the Verizon store for the phones, and the whole process takes a long time, two or three hours and when you walk out, you have a phone that is not updated and does not have what your old phone had. In fact, I have no phone at all.

None of these problems have anything to do with Verizon. It’s all about Apple. Apple as a company hates its customers.

It isn’t just you and you shouldn’t take it personally. Apple hates everyone who buys their products equally. As Scott Raymond writes, “Apple just wants your money.” They want as much of your money as they think they can get.

That’s why I think that Apple is not going to be a ruling company into the next decades. Droids are already smarter than iPhones and tablets are cheaper and some would say better than the iPad. Red Hen owns an iPad and I like to read manuscripts on it plus it works as a cash register, but I don’t like it better than a laptop. I don’t like having to take it places because then I need three devices, the phone, the laptop and the pad. I believe that in the future we will only have one device for gaming, phones, music, writing etc. And that one device will not be an Apple product. You can be innovative and get people to buy your gizmos, but sustainability involves respecting your customers, liking your customers not just spending hours trying to figure out what the maximum of amount of cash is that you can suck out of their wallet.

Some people would argue that Amazon also does not like its customers. But I disagree. Amazon is a necessary evil. They keep sending me stuff and I don’t know how I could live without them. Jeff Bezos may not have much in the nature of generosity or wanting to give back, but he does know how to making buying easy. One only wishes that Apple would make something easy.

Portland reading at the Jack London on Thursday, September 26th. Be there!

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