Tess Taylor’s publication party today!

vv 009 the High Line

Tobi and I are going to the Tess party! It’s going to be a lot of fun. I had cancelled the idea of having a publication party for my book, but now I’m rethinking it. I don’t think I could do one as cool as the Tess party which is going to include bluegrass music, but I am going to think about it. Life is worth celebrating and certainly having a book come out is worth celebrating. My flight last night was four hours late so I ended up hanging out in the 4th terminal at JFK for six hours. The Jetblue terminal is nice and has nice restaurants and even a sushi bar.
The tomorrow, back to LA.
It’s raining here in San Francisco, and I like rain. When I grew up, it rained a lot in New Hampshire, the rain would come in through the trees thick and dark, and sometimes I’d be in those woods huddled in some cave of underbrush, and I’d see the lightning flare, hear thunder, rain crashing down tangled and green and I’d be watching it. But later, if you stayed too long, the trees would begin to drip on you from the tops and then down water slipping down on your shoulders and ears. That would be time to go. Time to start walking back where you came from. Which wasn’t home exactly, there was no home, but was actually, the indoors place I was used to.
I think about that because I know people for whom the place they live isn’t really home in the world, it’s just the inside space where they hide/crouch/survive. A home is a place you feel cozy, warm, loved, taken in. A place you can be yourself, a place you can be your own wild self. I have four friends who I can go to their house and be my own self: Lisa, Peggy, Karen and Tracy. Also my daughter’s place where I am in SF right now. Being your own authentic self is a good thing.
Most of the time you need to behave when you’re at someone’s house. I’m not above behaving. I CAN do it, it’s just not something I like to do too often. Behaving is exhausting when you get right down to it, and that’s why when you’re at home somewhere, you should be able to kick it. You should be able to breathe and not worry whether you’re doing the wrong thing. You should be able to open the fridge and say, My God, you have blueberries! Can I have some! They should be excited when you come over. If they’re not, well, you might need to find some new friends. Some friends who sing your praises when you’re not around. Maybe not whole hosannas but at least a small song in your praise. We all want to feel loved, and the way to have love is to give love.

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