Red Hen Press goes to Portland!, I’m in NY, going to SF, then LA, then Portland!

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Red Hen Press in Portland Thursday, September 26th, 2013, please come!
Do you wish you could be who you used to be or do you like who you are right now?

There’s no use looking back at what you used to be or who you used to be or what you used to have because you cannot go back in time. I used to get super mad at my husband whenever he mentioned stuff he used to have—furniture or camera equipment, photos or cars because I wanted this time, right now, living with me to be the best time of his life.

For me, this is the best time. Right now at JFK sitting at this Irish bar drinking wine because my flight is an hour and half late and thinking about rich people or business people who get to go to airport lounges, but I don’t where those lounges are and do they have a cute Irish pub like this? I think not. I’m on my way to SF to see my daughter and go to Tess Taylor’s publication party and I really like it when our authors invite me to their publication party because it makes me feel so very, very special. So this is the best of times.

What did I have before? There was never a time in my life that I had a better car than my current car, a Honda with just under 300,000 miles except when this Honda was new.

There was never a time when I had as good of furniture. I’ve eaten many meals around plywood sitting on cinderblocks covered with sheets and those were good meals too. We have our own dining room table and although we don’t have much furniture in the living room—just one couch, we convince friends that this is an aesthetic choice for minimalism.

This is the best house I’ve ever lived in and let’s face it, my husband and I have spent a lot of time sleeping outdoors, and when I moved to California I was excited by all the friendly homeless people in Santa Monica (I know it’s sad!) because I fully expected at some point to be living there at least temporarily. (That never happened.) So, this is the best of times! A house! A garden!

Kids who love me. An amazing husband. Even a great ex-husband who is our friend.

And I have a great job. Being Managing Editor of a press is good. Other people want my job although they wouldn’t if they knew how hard the work was for how little pay. Teaching is okay too. I try to really give it a go. And writing! It’s amazing.

Until I was 30, everything I owned fit into one car. Now I would need a moving truck for the books.
Never look back.
I walk in light and live in music. Sometimes my authors invite me t their pub party. Sometimes we drink champagne. Sometimes we dance. Always I write, always I feel so lucky. Tess Taylor’s book is so lovely. Rex Wilder’s book shines in the sunlight. This is the only story I want to be inside right now.
I used to be thinner, those were good times. But, I tell myself, don’t I look sexy now?

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