NY has been exciting, adventurous and exhausting.

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In Chelsea, there are twenty-five sheep in a field by a gas station. What you see, is a gas station surrounded by these sheep that look real; they are in the field and some are crowded up on the filling station. It’s very strange. This kind of art project makes me happy to look at because it is curious, but I can see that I am not an art critic. Oil meets pastoral? We miss sheep and when America was a nature of pastures and baseball? We’ve gone past that to football and America as a nation always brawling, always at war and now we’re an indoor entertainment/basketball country. The Wi. Seriously, why can’t we just go for a walk? So we miss the 19th century. It was so great then! Before penicillin and Wifi and laws against sexual harassment, discrimination against women and people of color. Yes, it was a white man’s world. Sea to shining sea and all that.

Nicelle and I saw Sleep No More. It’s a very exciting haunted house/hotel and we tried to explore every room including the room with the coffin and the photo album with all the pictures of dead babies. There was a green wood and birch wood, a big cemetery with many statues of strange people. There were old books and typewriters and many old drawers. There was a baby room with a cradle and many headless dolls hanging above it. And the actors who never spoke were gymnast/dancers like you see in Cirque du Soleil, they got naked a lot. They ran around and acted out scenes which mostly didn’t seem like Macbeth at all. I saw Lady Macbeth completely naked and bathing three times. Macbeth himself was also running around naked. These people had great bodies. I saw the banquet scene twice. A lot of people were smoking weed and the whole place was making me spacey. So I went down to the jazz club and that’s when it got really great. The singer was amazing, and the drummer came over and was flirting with me and he asked me to come out and smoke weed with him. That’s when I knew I still have it going on. I was pretty jazzed.

Last night I went to see Scarcity at the Cherry Lane Theatre with Ellen McLaughlin. This was a really good play. It’s about this family in Western Mass. The dad’s a drunk and the mom’s supporting them and her cousin wants to sleep with her and his wife is a crazy blond wench and the kids want up and out. The acting was so good, I loved this play. Didi O Connell was such a great actress. She played the mother, and she owned it. She ruled.

Tomorrow I fly to San Francisco for Tess Taylor’s publication party. It’s going to be amazing.

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