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The reading yesterday at Poets House with Kim Dower, Thomas Lux, and Brendan Constantine was amazing. Good crowd and all the readers rocked it. New Yorkers like poetry and culture in general. They can just devour culture every moment to say nothing of great food. I haven’t really eaten too much great food since I’ve been here, but that’s my fault. Actually it’s my wallet’s fault.
When I hang out with Alice Quinn, we go to great places like Momofuku and Gramercy Tavern, but left to myself, I don’t do so well.

I used to eat a $2.00 slice of pizza every day and try to get by on that, but now I don’t eat pizza any more. I go to the deli and I get tuna salad or an omelet. Last night we went to Landmarc with Tom Lux and his wife Jenny and Kim and her husband. Brendan came too and he brought Amy. The food there was good; I had mussels. I always like mussels. Especially if they are in some sort of tomato broth.
Friday night after the reading we ended up with pub food. I had some pub salad and stole fries from others. I try my best not to eat fries, but sometimes I fail.

Besides the readings, the best part of this trip so far is that yesterday I walked the two miles down to Poets House on the Hudson River parkway and watched the sailboats and the ferries and the kayaks. I walked back after the dinner at Landmarc. Kim kept saying, “Take a cab!” She was worried about me. She need not have. I could walk for ten days and still have enough winter fat to swim the English Channel without a wet suit. Kim’s sexy and thin so walking two miles in the dark after dinner isn’t necessary for her. Besides I wanted coffee.

And today I ran down past Poets House to the Statue of Liberty. I like seeing the people cycling and running and walking, the little kids with grandparents, the sun bathers. New Yorkers are really good looking people in excellent shape. There are some sexy people in NY, I tell you.

This week is busy. There are lots of meetings for me and I am doing a reading tomorrow night and then going to Kim Dower’s reading with Erica Jong at Barnes and Noble. Thursday we have a reading at Cornelia Street Café.

New York feels flat out busy. Like people don’t sleep here. Like they’re all go, go, go. There is so much to do.

In my neighborhood of Chelsea, the Pinkberry is dead. Nobody in there. But the 16 Handles is hopping. You can get yummy yoghurt with whatever you want on it and whipped cream and sauces. You can buy $2.00 worth of dessert if you want. Who wants to pay $10 plus for Pinkberry even though they have the special white lights if you could pay far less half a block away? Crowds of gay men surged in and out of there Saturday night, it was like a pride reunion. And such beautiful men.

I am getting ready to walk down to the Bowery for our event there with Jessica Piazza, Elana Bell, John Van Kirk and Veronica Reyes.
I am carrying 35 copies of The Earth is Not Flat to give to the first 35 people to arrive. Since I carried galleys and wine yesterday, I am getting used to carrying pounds of books around Manhattan. After my long run this morning, I need another 4 mile walk to the Bowery and back. Otherwise, I won’t be able to work off the tuna salad.
The truth is I need as much exercise as I can get. One hundred miles a week would be good for me, but I don’t have the stamina.
Onward. New York, I love you.

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  1. In New York City, the absolutely best thing to do is WALK! As long and as far as you can until you need to stop in a cafe for sustenance.

    Wish I’d been able to get up there for the Poets House Reading (or yours).

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