I know more than you do

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“The clever men of Oxford know all there is to be knowed. But they not one of them know one half so much as intelligent Mr. Toad.” The Wind and the Willows

I had lunch yesterday with a writer who knows more than I do about so many subjects it’s ridiculous. He knows more than I do about science, math, geography, art, history, literature, the cosmos, God, mankind in general, world cultures, the space and time continuum, the way life exists or could exist outside the space/time continuum and many more subjects.
I can’t think of a single subject outside of what it feels like to be a woman that I might (just possibly) know more about than my writer friend.
In fact, we all think we know more about something than other people. In my case, there is a very short list of things that I know more about than other people. Let me see, I know a lot about eating watermelon, I feel pretty confident about that. It’s something I can do and I can get my head around.
The only knowledge I actually feel sure about is experiential knowledge. I know how to swim. I know how to run a marathon, raise children, cook dinner, raise a garden, ride horses, ice skate, climb mountains, ride a bike, make love, and I know how to write. I know how to dance.
But as soon as you start saying that you know all there is to know on some subject, there is someone who is going to say that they know more than you do. It’s better to be constantly on a learning curve, always learning more about a subject than to claim to be an invincible source of information.
There’s another thing about knowledge. Some people really like to tell you everything they know about their favorite subjects. They like to show you that they know a lot. Men often get pretty excited about talking and telling you what they know about this and that. They like it when women not only sit and listen but also when they beg for more. (I could tighten that sentence to, “Men like it when women beg for more.” But I digress.)
I do like learning. But I guess, like many people, I have areas of interest. I’m always asking my friend Lisa psychological questions because she understands all kinds of things I can’t wrap my head around. But, I don’t like to be told stuff when I walk around art museums because I like to simply enjoy the art and soak it in. I wouldn’t want to be told about every tree, plant and animal when I am out for a hike because I am trying to just absorb and contain the happiness of it all.
My writer friend is very knowledgeable; but for myself, I like to keep any knowledge I might acquire on the down low. In the end, we should learn because we want to know for ourselves not because we want to impress others with what we know. My friend is brilliant, that’s a fact, maybe my mind likes to have some rest.

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