What happened to food?, Why can’t anyone eat normally any more?

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It’s all wrong what’s happened to our eating habits. It’s just a sad thing. What happened to fries and chicken, brownies and ice cream. What happened to potato salad? What happened to thick sandwiches with lots of tuna salad swimming in mustard?

This summer we went to a dinner party where we had pieces of white steamed chicken, steamed broccoli and a little bowl of berries. It was good. That’s exactly how we eat at home. And it was good to know we were staying on our diet.

But I liked the old days when going to someone’s house meant going off your diet. You’d arrive to find cheese and olives, wine and rosemary crackers. There would be a pile of asparagus and hollandaise and roast chicken and there would be rice and tortillas and for dessert, there would be sorbet or gelato and Chambord. Something like that. Something delicious and off the map of food you should be eating. I like going off the map.

Americans are always cutting out foods they can’t or won’t eat any more.

Fifteen million Americas have food allergies. Oddly, the rest of the world doesn’t seem to suffer from food allergies.

Of course, Americans, many of us overweight, also are picky about food.

About 22 million Americans are vegetarian.
Of these 7 million are vegetarians
And about another 7 million say they are vegans.

I’d say that you’d have to follow all these vegetarians and vegans around to be sure.

But let’s get back to food we choose not to eat any more.

Foods we don’t have at our house any more:

Bread, bagels, muffins etc.
Rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes tortillas
Pies, cake, cookies any kind of baked goods
Any kind of candy

It is a sad thing. Like most Americans, we can’t really eat much in the way of carbs any more. I remember bagels fondly; I remember ice cream with sorbet, granite, gelato.

If you are still able to eat any of these foods with gusto, god bless you, enjoy yourself. But if I come to your house, break out the wine, the champagne. Break out some of the food that’s off the charts.

Okay, I really mean it when I say I don’t eat meat, pork, veal, lamb. I gave all that stuff up twenty-five years ago and I haven’t missed it.

But, who wouldn’t miss toast and jam? Toast and honey? Sourdough toasted with tuna salad. Chicken rolled around in cornmeal and roasted nicely. Corn on the cob. Quesadillas. And candy. Fudge. Brownies. Carrot cake. Divinity. I miss all that stuff.

American food has gone whooshing down the diet tubes. We’re allergic or on a diet or we’ve decided such and such is bad for us. Throwing a dinner party is an exercise in frustration. You have your vegetarians, your vegans, your lactose intolerants, your gluten free, the best thing to do is just feed your guests lettuce.

You can’t go wrong with lettuce. It works for all diets and lettuce comes in many different flavors and colors. You have your romaine lettuce, your butter lettuce. You have your escarole and your endive. You have green and red lettuce. Even a lettuce dessert seems possible. Maybe the little endives could be sliced up.

But don’t add tomatoes. Some people don’t like nightshades. Don’t add garlic. Lots of people are allergic to garlic. Don’t even think about a salad dressing, almost any salad dressing is going to have something that somebody is allergic too.

I miss candy. But, I’ll get used to it.

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