What does the voice in your head tell you?

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We all have a voice in our head which guides us. That voice tells us who we are and is more important than any outside voice.

The voice inside my head informs me that certain rules are for other people. What I hear:

1. I’m in a spa and there is a sign that says, No talking in the Jacuzzi. “Don’t worry about it. That’s for other louder people. Talk all you want. But whisper.”
2. I’m getting on the freeway and there is a little stop light at the end of the ramp. “Are there any cops in sight? No? Go. Go. Go!”
3. I’ve had one margarita. “Let’s have another margarita!”
4. I’m too tired to get up and run. “Don’t move, the road will be there later. Nobody else is going to run away in your shoes.”
5. I’m trying on swimsuits. “God you look terrific.”
6. I’m trying on dresses. “Take that off. You’re squished into it. You look like hell!”
7. I’m writing. “Stop writing. Let’s go get some coffee. Let’s get a drink. Let’s take a nap.” I have to ignore these voices.
8. I’ve written something. “Oh my God, this is terrific. This is amazing. I’m pretty sure this is the best thing that’s ever been written.” This is while the ink is still drying. The next day, “God, this stinks!”
9. I’m singing in my car. “I am such a great singer!”
10. I walk into a party. “Let’s get this party started.”

The voices that try to get me to stop writing are the ones I have to ignore. I like scenes in movies where people talk to themselves. Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast and Tilda Swinton in Michael Clayton and of course, Kenneth Branagh in Hamlet.

We both encourage ourselves in private and run ourselves down. The story you tell yourself is the story your body lives out in public. If we tell ourselves that we’re losers, we will act like losers and live like losers.

Tell yourself this, I am a pretty good person, I treat people well, I take care of the planet. I don’t have to put other people down to feel better about myself, I’m fine with all of us being different. I like it that way.

Tell yourself how lucky you are to be alive, to have children that love you or parents that you love or tolerate. To have a few good friends. To be doing the work you’re doing. You could have been born during the Middle Ages, but you were born now and you are living your life in the twenty first century. You’re amazing.

I am grateful to live in a house with an orange tree and a fig tree. To have a vegetable garden, for husband, children, friends, for work and writing, for all the paintings everywhere. For life. And for many books.

Here’s what I tell myself, Imagine what the future Kate will do!

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  1. I like the Kate now as well as the Kate future. lovely post!

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