How Often Do You Need to Juice?

kk 160 High on life in Ireland

By Juice I mean check your computer or cell phone? Can you make it five minutes? Ten minutes?

Let’s assume you’re at a restaurant with someone and they go off to the restroom. Do you quickly check your messages. Your email?

What if they show up late? Do you check then?

Most of us get used to checking in pretty regularly. When we were in Ireland, we only checked our email once a day, but the rest of the time we were unplugged.

We are so ridiculous that when someone doesn’t answer the phone, it’s like a crime. I like to keep my phone off most of the time and if my phone rings and I don’t recognize the number, I like to not answer. I’m not much of a phone person though.

Of course, I answer the phone if friends or family call me.

But I check my email regularly, maybe too regularly. Why is it whatever is happening on the phone or on the email or God forbid Facebook, so much more interesting than what’s happening in the present right in front of us. I think the most important thing happening is whoever you are with. Every retailer now has stories of customers coming in and never speaking a word because they’re on the phone the whole time. They come in talking on the phone and they leave talking on the phone while they shop for groceries, pet supplies, and of course, Starbucks.

Can you stop yourself juicing on whoever might be contacting you next? You don’t need to know. It isn’t an emergency. You aren’t a doctor. Does it make you feel important and connected to have people needing you, contacting you, reaching out to you?

The people who need you are the ones you’re with. We should all juice on life.

We don’t need Facebook. We don’t need to check up on the ether. We need to be fully alive and that means shutting off the juice.

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