Do not read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly

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Do not read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly

One of my grad students is working on a paper about the negative effects of beauty magazines which she read with vigor throughout her high school years, obeying them to her best ability.

I found this fascinating because I realized that I have never taken seriously anything that beauty magazines have in terms of “wisdom,” because somehow I always thought it applied to somebody else.

I believe part of this is that the models and women shown bear no resemblance to me or to most women I know, so I always thing of models as being “other.” Other women wear designer clothes, other women wear designer shoes. Not me. Other women look good in these clothes because they’re tiny. I’m not tiny.

I also assume that I could never figure out the makeup or hair “secrets” spewed in the magazines because my mind doesn’t work in those directions. This morning at the hair dresser I flipped through Vogue. None of the creatures on the pages seemed like my species. I can’t imagine going to a runway show. What would be the point? I’m not those women creatures.

It was interesting to me to realize that there are people out there taking the magazines seriously, taking it in and basing actual real life decisions on what they see there. Changing their diet, nails, hair color etc.

It isn’t that I think all beauty magazines are a joke. It’s like this. I like the magazine Runner’s World. I don’t subscribe, but I like to buy it when I travel. I take it very seriously. They always have articles about how to get running again which is my basic need because I am always down with the crud which is why I call migraines, and then having to get going again. They have training for marathons and they have many photos of runners who are in better shape than I will ever be, but it still feels like my world, like I am having a conversation with people who, although not exactly my peers, they’re running at a professional level, are still doing something I do at some low little level. An elite runner will run 100-140 miles/week in preparation for a marathon. I stagger along at 30-40, but I still feel that I’m in the game.

Beauty magazine aren’t a joke, I am just not playing that game. I don’t understand that game or the rules, so I can laugh at it. Why do girls and women read them? Amusement? Advice? Sometimes, but also to be on top of that game. Some girls want male attention. I do too. I want the wow factor, I just don’t think anything in the beauty magazines is going to help me get it. I think just strutting your stuff and owning your glam is all you need to do. Long legs are nice to have though. Isn’t it all attitude?

Just look in the mirror and sing, “I’m sexy and I know it.” Try it a few times. Tell me how that’s working for you. You won’t need beauty magazines. Trust me.

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  1. I used to consume beauty magazines and feel horrible about myself. In some ways, blogging has been cathartic. I agree with all that you said. Beauty magazines are tools used by women for self-torture.

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