Who do you tell your secrets?

hh 275 Graveyard, New Mexico

How much information do you tell people about yourself? Some people like to tell you all about themselves as soon as you meet them. Information just spills forth. You get shreds and pieces of love, hate, abandonment, departures from normal, times of silence, times when all was chaos and noise.

Some of us are more guarded. You can know some people for years and not know anything real about them.

In American culture, friendship is often measured by one’s willingness to share secrets, to share one’s inner life. In fact, the reason that Facebook “friends” aren’t necessarily real friends is that for many of us, these are people who don’t really know us at all.

I am not one who likes to share secrets except with a very few individuals. You never know who will judge you. You have to watch your soul.

We all have an inner life, an inner story that defines who we are. Our loves, hates, fears and joys are wrapped in that story. Don’t give away the big story unless you are sure you know what company you keep. It’s your story.

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