Who is a loser?

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When you’re a teenager, it’s hard to be a real loser because you haven’t had time yet. To be a professional loser, takes years. You don’t become a wanker over night.

If you love your life, you’re doing something right. You’re not a loser unless you think you are. You’re a wizard. You’re not an ugly boy with glasses, you’re not the girl who watched other people dance, you can fly. You’re a wizard. Go through Gate 9 ¾ and you’ll see that you’re definitely a wizard.

Some of us on this planet are just taking up space, consuming, buying, going to lakes and driving around in speedboats. Shopping at Nordstroms. But there is still hope for everyone to become someone who is living life fully alive and making a difference.

Your daughter brings home a boy with long hair, a guitar over his shoulder and a strong desire to race cars. You aren’t too worried about it because, well, they’re only seventeen. Who knows what he will become? Anything could happen.

At twenty-five, it’s a different matter. Now the question becomes, what is this guy supposed to be doing? Shouldn’t he get moving and get something done?

At forty or fifty, the dye is cast. Or so people think.

When you’re in your forties or fifties, people would assume that they know who you are and who you are going to be.

Let’s go back to losers. Our culture calls you a loser if at least five of the following is true:

1. You don’t make a lot of money.
2. You don’t own a house.
3. You don’t have a pension or some sort of retirement acct.
4. You aren’t happily married.
5. You don’t have kids.
6. You don’t have a good job.
7. You don’t have any nice clothes.
8. You have a bad haircut.
9. You don’t have any art and culture in your life.
10. You never travel.

I don’t believe in losers. And for the record, five of those are true of me, but I still don’t believe in losers.

Here’s what I think a winning life is:

1. You like who you are.
2. You like what you do.
3. You have a family, however chaotic that’s made up of people you like and who like you, and you enjoy hanging out with these people.
4. You like where you live. You like coming home.
5. When you wake up in the morning, you’re glad to be alive.
6. Your life is one big adventure.
7. You are always dreaming of going through the next open door.
8. You are in the middle of a big story and the story keeps getting better.
9. You are not looking forward to retirement because you like your life now.
10. You’re changing the world.

I’ve got that. So if people think you are a loser, make up your own definition of winners and losers and see that you fit into the category of winners. You’ll like looking at yourself in the mirror. Or you can avoid mirrors and just stare up at the sky and say to yourself, the adventure goes on.

And while you’re having that adventure, remember the most important thing is to take care of your children. They are your familia.

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