Tabard Inn, DC

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Flying to Washington DC on Virgin for some meetings. I watched the movie The Internship. It’s meant to be a frothy little popcorn movie with no real substance and it succeeded in being entertaining in the same way that shrimp are kind of entertaining the way they crouch in your shrimp cocktail, their little tails pivoting out of the bowl, their tummies swishing around in red sauce, totally oblivious to the coming horseradish.

We went to a great wedding last night with magnificent flowers. White flowers have been the theme at all three weddings we attended this summer, these were great—lilies and roses. Mark and I danced, we seem to be dancing at all these weddings. “Tonight’s going to be a good night,” was played at all three weddings as well as “Raise your hands,” both are excellent wedding dance songs. At high school proms, the popular song is, “And we’ll set the world on fire.”

The wedding was in San Diego and it was just beautiful, the bride and groom were gorgeous and our table had lots of interesting people. At weddings you find out what they really think of you when you see who you were seated with. And if you’re seated at the leftover table, that’s not a good sign. We were at a table with some cool people.

Our kids picked out the playlist for our wedding so we had this great mixture of “Beauty and the Beast,” “White Wedding,” some songs from Mana; it was a crazy mixture. Dancing is a great part of weddings.

The AROHO Retreat at Ghost Ranch was amazing, I’m still a little worn out from it, and in reality, 90% of the work is done by Tracey, Darlene and Mary. I show up and raise my hands. My voice too. The women writers who come to it are so talented and vibrant it takes your breath away. This retreat, I heard no whining, and I like that. I’m not a fan of whining and complaining.

I’m at my favorite hotel in DC—the Tabard Inn. The rooms have no TV, the whole place is kind of old and cool and the bar is really out of some other century, which is why I love it. I feel like I fell from the sky into some other place. The small rooms are not that expensive either. They have some big rooms which are probably pricey, but I haven’t seen them.

What I want to do tomorrow between my many meetings is take a walk around the city and think. I’m a big fan of thinking. Two things I don’t do enough of are thinking and sleeping.

Here’s to thinking, sleeping, writing and relaxing. Here’s to a life where time stretches out elastic and floats slowly like feathers falling from a castle window.

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  1. Kate, The Tabard Inn is my favorite DC hotel (and bar). From Erik (UNO MFA). Also The National Portrait Gallery is open again and is amazing, if you have time.

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