At Whidbey MFA program.

Whidbey island 018
Whidbey deer

Very cool to be walking along the shore feeling the mussel shells crunching and going out the dock for a look at Larry’s very fine wooden sailing boat which he made himself and sails to Whidbey to teach here. I admire sailing boats very much, when I think of the best parts of my young life, they always involve sailing or horses. Climbing trees was great too especially apple trees because there was a reward. Climbing pine trees also had a reward but a different sort. You got pine needles and branches in your hair and sap all through your clothes and even in your socks and shoes somehow. We tried chewing sap, we kept trying it hoping that the sap would taste more like cherry chewing gum, but it never did. I’ve heard that Native Americans used to chew it, but when we chewed it, there were other substances involved like needles, bark, dirt.

When you walk along the shore here at Whidbey, you can see down in the water the starfish like eyes staring up at you, and the wind picks up and carries the smell of oysters and mussels. There are oyster shells everywhere on the shore and driftwood. There are little boats and one very beautiful sailing ship is moored out a ways in the harbor. I have not yet dived in, but I plan to. Maybe this afternoon if I get my courage going. After I give my talk, I may be all revved up and ready for such things.

Last night I went to see Irv and Cheryl Davis for dinner and that was great; they live just across the ferry, a couple miles into town and their house has a great view which I never get to see properly because we always start talking. They made these lingonberry margaritas that were crazy good. And we had this local Rose which was nice and then this wine which was awesome, like the kind of wine you get in super fancy restaurants when someone else is paying or it’s your birthday and you’ve decided to get all splurgy.
Epic. They served local wild salmon that was probably the best salmon I’ve ever had. I can’t even describe how lightly it was cooked and how it melted in your mouth. We had this great conversation from kids to holidays to world energy to race, we covered it. And then I caught the 11 pm ferry back to Whidbey by a nick and when I got back here to the hotel by midnight everyone was fast asleep and I felt like a real party animal.

Whidbey is magical, like the kind of man that sneaks up on you. At first he’s quiet and you’re thinking, hmm, and then you go on that kind of date and it turns out he has skills you hadn’t imagined. Whidbey sneaks up on you in its cool loveliness and you fall in love before you know you’re in. This is a very quick visit, but I like the air here. I like breathing.

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