Why won’t somebody else make me famous?, Why won’t someone else promote my book for me?, Come to the Poetry Prom Saturday!

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I have a book coming out in January, so what I’ll be doing this spring is promoting that book. I’m meeting with my publicity person on Friday and we are going to plan our strategy.

What amazes me about book promotion is how many authors wish this would happen in the dark, by someone else, while they are sleeping. For most of us, if book promotion is going to be done at all, it’s going to be done by us while we are wide awake.

What I am going to do for my book:

1. Buy advance copies and have a serious publication party at which I will dance on the table. (Kidding about that table part.)
2. If the press needs extra funding for something like French flaps or a bigger review mailing, I will buy more books to help out. Eventually I will sell them, and I want my press to think I am a big player.
3. Set up a network of events at which I plan to read spectacularly.
4. Send notes to reviewers.
5. Blog about my book.
6. Pester my 5000 FB friends. Why else do I have them?
7. Write something for Huff Post about my new book.
8. Be disgustingly bold in giving my book –signed—to important people.
9. Ignore any bad reviews. That is the reviewer taking out his nasty little aggressions on me.
10. Invest time, money, energy in making the Goldilocks Zone the talk of the town without resorting to the techniques that the author of Knuckle Sandwich did in Cloud Atlas where he threw the critic over the balcony. The book was an instant success, his publisher was pleased but then the author ended up in prison. I won’t take it to those extremes. I plan to just wild my way around the country with the Goldilocks Zone. Coming to your town, shortly.

I am willing to invest time in travelling and money to pay someone to help me with publicity and I am willing to travel like a little maniac and do readings, spectacular readings, and I am willing to be a madwoman for my book. I think most people think they will become a well known writer by osmosis. Get out there, shake your fanny; no one is going to shake it for you.

Oh the driving, I’m back at it.

I’m back into the thicket of Los Angeles driving. Today I had a meeting in Santa Monica—20 miles, one hour and then a meeting in Costa Mesa—40 miles, two hours.

Note to self: Match.Com is pestering me. Do they know something I don’t know? What I do know is that lots of single guys wish I were single. No surprise there. (Half kidding.) But seriously, when I leave town, I’ll be watching.

Right now I’m at the Westin in Costa Mesa. Women of the OC, I ask you, why all the makeup, why the insanely high heels? Why the matching everything?

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