My life might be too exciting

hawaii12 010

Note to self:

Why are they playing Hawaiian music in this Starbucks?

Today we did the tasting for the big anniversary event at the Westin and we are going to have some awesome food! The dessert is the best part. It’s so yummy. And it was great to see Gina and Janice. Gina always looks relaxed and summery and makes remember to not get so uptight about everything.

Now I am Los Feliz and going to see a friend at her house for drinks. She has a breathtaking pool that I want to swim in but never have. We are always dressed up so we can’t swim. (Unlike my visits to my friend Karen where we strip down immediately and in her pool we go. Mad scramble on my part when her husband gets home from work.) My friend Mary Lou lives in this cool house and the pool is black bottomed which I adore. Plus they have an outstanding art collection since they run an art gallery so that makes the place feel pretty much like the imagination is swarming.

Then we’re going to dinner at the Anawalts. They also have a nice pool which we certainly won’t be swimming in; we don’t go swimming at their house. It’s funny, there is a certain level of intimacy with jumping into someone’s pool. It means you’re okay with them seeing you wet and tousled and with no makeup. In my case, there’s very little difference. Kate messy dry. Kate messy wet.

This week is rolling. Tomorrow, I have a coffee meeting, and a lunch with Lisa! I’m so excited. And we’re going to the Bowl to hear Pines of Rome. We are going to use our new picnic basket.

Bowl appropriate foods: Nice crusty bread or rosemary crackers and really nice cheese. (Don’t even think about Triscuits or American cheese or any other nasty cheeses.) Anything from the deli at Whole Foods, roast chicken, berries, grapes, baked chicken, hummus, pita, olives, tapenade. It’s supposed to be elegant picnic food. But if you’re in the really cheap seats at the top—bring popcorn and hotdogs. Have a ball. That’s what I did my first summer in LA. It was amazing.

The weekend’s going to be more fun. Zuma Beach on Saturday and we’re going to Greek food to see a Greek belly dancer. I ran 5 miles this morning, I plan to do a 12 mile on Saturday and Sunday. All that swimming and martinis in Nebraska—there is a price to be paid.

The Hawaiian music is going on and on; it makes me want to go to Hawaii, it makes me think of beaches and sushi and sea turtles and swimming for hours and snorkels in your mouth and the coral and light coming down through the water and the way the singular palm trees are so lovely bending, and volcanic ash floating sometimes in the Big Island air when the wind is just right, but it’s just ash. You aren’t in the volcano, but your life is so much more exciting knowing that it’s there.

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