Focus on the wonder in life

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Sky, it’s all about the sky

Hang onto the beautiful things of your life. Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut encourages us to remember the good moments of our life, to focus on those moments.

Perhaps that’s what happiness is. Tonight I was in the pool with Karen and Terry. I don’t remember anything we talked about but we swam for a long time and the water was cool and lovely and shining, and we weren’t doing laps or anything, just swimming.

I remember taking the kids to the park and watching them roller blade around the lake while I sat on a bench reading. I remember us eating Subway sandwiches afterward before we went home. I remember taking them horse back riding and sitting there watching the dirt ride up into the wind behind the horses. I remember camping at Hidden Falls and the sun coming up through the trees. I’d get up and make biscuits and keep making biscuits and they’d eat a lot of them and finally, I’d be almost out and I’d mix in more water so they were pancakes and finally they’d be full.

Later, after the fishing and the hiking we’d go wading in the stream which was icy, the water barely melted and we would feel around for warm spots and imagine we found them. There weren’t any warm spots. Even where the sun was shining forever on a pool where the fish were swimming, the water was not warm. It was still icy. We’d wade around in it, but we still couldn’t feel our feet.

I remember the sunlight and shadows dappling the river and the waterfalls. We ate the trout even though they were small. Life is good. There are great experiences like camping and fish, waterfalls and oceans, gardening and watching movies with your lover and hammocks, tequila and sunrise.

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