I just want to have fun when I’m having fun

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Still obsessing over the Irish boats

Work vs. Play

I just want to have a good time, don’t talk to me about work and don’t talk to me about your problems!

At some point, some psychologist type likes to explain to you that we’re all parent, adult, child –all at once. Here’s how it works with coupling.

Husband comes home. “How’s it going?”
Wife, “It sucks. I cannot believe they’re giving me so much work to do this weekend. I’m going to kill myself if I have to do all this.”
Husband, “You’re lucky to have a job.”
Wife: (this is me as wife so you know it’s not going to be good,) “I will take you down mister. I will end you. Don’t tell me I’m lucky to have a job. They’re lucky to have me. They have no idea how lucky they are. Dear Jesus, I think I may have to quit my job just because you said that.”

Classic problem. She has to work on the weekend and we’d assume that must be part of her job, but she’s being a whiny baby about it. What she wants him to say is, “Oh honey, they’re assholes!” And then they can both be children together. And she can say, “Make it up to me,” and he can say, “Sushi, sex and ice cream in that order?” And she’ll say, “Any order, mister.”

But what he’s saying is the adult or perhaps parental response to her childishness and that isn’t what she wants to hear.

Let’s do another one, (I’m having fun with this.)

Wife comes home, “Sweetie can we talk about how we’re doing with budgeting? I’d like to be able to a new couch, but I’m not sure where we are on the bills.”

Husband, “Let’s not, I’m watching a game.”

She’s in the mood to be an adult, and he’s in the mood to be a kid.

I find that this same clash happens when you’re out with friends. I almost never want to talk business when I’m out drinking and having a good time. The intelligent part of my brain hits the off switch and I start thinking things like, “Do I need this skirt?” or “who could I get to do shots with me?” or “Can this table hold me if I’m up there dancing?” Of course, I restrain myself, but I’m just saying that the last thing I want to hear is someone saying, “Can we talk about this program or my this or my that?” I am so not in the mood for that. I can’t contain those thoughts in my head. Things are sloshing around in there. I’m letting loose. Even when I’m home relaxing and watching a movie, there’s no room in there for serious conversation. It’s a messy place the Kate Hangout. No work allowed. My child self will down you if you try to talk serious to me. Work and play should be cleanly divided. Once you hit the fun zone, hit it hard.

The table dancing scene.

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