Spent the night sleeping at the Dallas Airport.

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And what a lovely airport it is. They gave us little Coleman cots, and I was right next to this nice guy from Virginia named Tim and I took pictures of Tim pretending to sleep so he could send them to his family. Tim looked like the kind of buttoned down fellow who usually sleeps in a bed. It was Tim and a bunch of women in our area. Tim was like a little Mormon husband. We had these little red blankets the airlines give you, but you don’t realize how cold they keep airports until you try to sleep under one of them.

In the bathroom this morning, I saw some of my fellow sleepers staggering in red eyed and weary this morning. We looked like the cult of zombies. I tell you seriously, a shower would do me good. My original 10 am flight out of LAX yesterday was cancelled for mechanical difficulties. When they told me it was cancelled, they didn’t apologize or try to make it up to me, they just said, “Your next flight is in six hours.” When that flight was two hours late, they said. “You will miss your connecting flight. You will sleep in Dallas.” When I got to Dallas they said, “There are no hotels available. You’ll have to sleep here in the airport. We will give you a blanket.” One thing I can say for American is that they do not try to sugar coat anything and their staff are never guilty of being apologetic or of doing anything to try to make you happy. Virgin and Jet Blue staff would be pushing each other out of the way to help, but that’s not happening here. I asked if American does anything about the inconvenience to their passengers. They cancelled my flight! I spent 9 hours at LAX and I’m spending 9 hours at DFW. It wasn’t even a weather thing. They said that’s not usually their policy but again they invited me to visit their website!

I am going to adopt this policy. Dropping off my kids at kindergarten, I’ll tell the teacher, if you have any problems with this kid, here’s my card, visit “Kate Gale is a super mom and everybody says so” website. I’ll tell my students, if you have any problems with the assignments, visit the university website. I’ll tell Red Hen book buyers or attendees to our events to visit our website. A website visit is such a great idea for Suicide Hotlines. Want to report a crime in your neighborhood? Visit the website. Of course, Kaiser is one giant website. Want prescriptions? Visit the website. Lab results? Visit the site. If you visit a doctor, (which I try not to) they stare at the screen.

I’m going to try to avoid American Airlines in the future. They gave me $30 in food vouchers but sadly, I am too tired to eat. Last night one person when finally given their cot just starting hurling all over it. Wow, that’s a statement. Too tired and run over by that time to be able to just lie down and sleep. It’s been an adventure and I’m not too old for adventures like sleeping in the Dallas Airport, but it was really cold, and now, I’m kind of tired. But actually if I’m going to sleep somewhere out of the ordinary, I’d rather sleep in Guatemala or Alaska or on a glacier anywhere that there still are glaciers.

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  1. what a horror story! (one of the reasons I’m afraid to fly and don’t…at 75 and with my health I’d never survive this)..you are intrepid. So sorry you’ve had this experience

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