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Still miss Irish trees
July 11th, 2013

What a fun day spent looking out the window at LAX. Mark dropped me at LAX at 9 am for my 10 am flight. At American Airlines, they told me immediately that my flight was cancelled, and they re-booked me for a 3:30 flight which would get me to Omaha around midnight. At 4:15 I boarded the plane and nearly two hours later the plane took off. So, I was at LAX from 9 am to 6 pm.

I thought about spending $50 to be in the American Airlines special Admiral Club room where they have Wifi comfortable seating and some free food and you can buy booze. You’d think since I was going to be there all day that they would have let me be there for free. But no, they gave me a look that said I was unworthy. But for $50 I could come into the pearly gates. Sadly, I was too cheap to do that.

American Airlines has the worst terminal in the galaxy, so I sat on the floor by one of the two electrical outlets and did email. It was dirty; it was ugly, and I tried not to let myself slip headlong into a nasty mood, but it was indecently hard, and speaking of decency, there are no decent restaurants, no decent bars.

The Jet Blue terminal at JFK is a thing of beauty, so elegant and up to date, you feel like you’re in a beautiful futuristic movie. The American Airlines terminal at LAX feels like a futuristic movie too, but it’s a post apocalyptic –the-planet-has-been-taken-over-by-zombies kind of future. Think Road Warrior meets World War Z. What’s fun too is the American Airlines employees. Unfortunately when a nice person applies to work for American Airlines, they get turned down. “Could I know why I’m not qualified?” they ask, and the answer is pretty clear. “You’re too nice. You’ve petted puppies. Given chocolate chip cookies to children. Even made cookies. You helped a stranger. That doesn’t work here. You are never going to be part of our culture. You aren’t going to fit in. Sorry but you are not going to make it here.” When I was handed over to the TSA employees at LAX, it was a relief. Compared to American, these people seemed downright homey.

I asked at the Am Airlines desk if they wanted to make it up to me after my long wait, but they said they preferred not to. They said I was free to look over their website. I tried to point out that if I couldn’t get a break from a real live person, a website probably wasn’t going to make me get too excited, but the woman did this hand waving thing that indicated it was time for me to leave.

When you’re choosing a domestic airline, here are some tips:

Jet Blue and Virgin have employees that treat you nicely. They actually like their customers. The airplanes are comfortable. You have your own TV. Virgin sells yummy food. Jet Blue has the blue chips.

Southwest—eat the peanuts. Fly cheap, but not if you have to be on the plane for more than an hour.

United and American and US Airways—why would you do that to yourself?

Delta: The only one of the old airlines that really tries to please customers. Plus you have your own TV.

I am missing my flight to Omaha, so I will be spending the night in Dallas. It’s over 100 degrees there and humid. They said they would put me up in a hotel for what is sure to be a good five hours of sleep. I’m excited. And then a short hop to Omaha in the morning. I’m sure American will treat me nicely and give me my own seat.

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