Wedding in Greenwich

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Let us say it was hot. Let us say we arrived about 5:30 to the grassy hill overlooking the pond with large glowing white spheres floating among the ducks and the lilies. And there too, you could see the heat resting on the hazy water. We sat under the white peaked tent floating above us like a white sail. There was a beautiful little cannon pointed toward the lake, green and dark. We waited in the heat, all of us fanning ourselves with our programs, the bridal arch aching with roses and lilies, all white flowers and green wreathed together. There were ten bridesmaids and nine groomsmen. Nate proudly walked two girls down, one on each arm. This is the second wedding we have been to this summer where the father and mother walked the bride down the aisle; it’s a very nice tradition because it takes away the idea that the bride is a gift from father to husband. The bride, Jenny was very beautiful, hair up and lovely, her bridegroom Tony, the tall dark handsome man a princess longs for. They were simply a stunning couple. There was an Episcopalian priest. The mother of the bride, Penny, read Shakespeare, and at the end, after the vows and the kisses, they fired the cannon as a way of welcoming the new couple into the world with a bang.

And then to the house, and the reception. The waiters were passing small adorable foods. I was drinking champagne. After the shots. Before the wine. Before the whiskey. The large white spheres glowed all over the pond and around the property as dusk gathered; the music floating and wilding; it was like being in a magician’s palace. There were open bars and open bars keep a party rocking. There was great dinner and five bouquets on each table, tiny ones and medium ones and large showy ones. The dinner was delicate European style salad; and halibut or beef beautifully prepared. Everything so elegant and crisp. And there was James Bond music and the glow in dark bottles of Dom came out, many of them, and the music was a 10 piece live band with a great singer, and we were dancing, I in my bare feet until I looked down and saw my blood on the dance floor. (My feet are completely bandaged today, I look like I’ve been walking on coals.) At weddings, there is often a DJ pushing and pulling to get people on the dance floor. Not this one, the dance floor buzzed and rumbled.

The red wine was very good; it was excellent. And then I was sitting with my feet in the pool which also seemed to be glowing. And then I was watching Mark sipping whiskey and smoking cigars and thinking, That’s very weird. Ydalmi and I kept talking and there were there little desserts around the pool, and we tried one and it was good and the heat still swarming and then we were talking, our heads together, Ydalmi has a bubble in her speech, like she’s laughing warmly at life, and then we were both in the pool, and I could feel my red dress swirling around my legs. Nate was swimming in his tuxedo, and then others were in the pool. From the pool, I could see John and Mark smoking cigars and the music rushing, and at some point, I was thinking, Beetlejuice like—Home, home, home. We left as the cops arrived. In the morning, there was more champagne and Bloody Marys and the waiters passing food and the most delicate beautiful omelets I’ve ever had, mine had leeks, and we left as the heat was rising before I had to dive in that pool again. A great wedding weekend, and now, Home, home, home.

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