Wedding in Encinitas

Steve in Australia, others claim to be living the dream, Steve is living the dream.

We went to a great wedding last night in the Quail Park Botanical Gardens in Encinitas where we did some pretty wickedly cool dancing. Our table was right by the dance floor, so we could just step over there and start in on our moves. We had salmon and veggie tacos and they were yummy. Others had burgers. The food was from one of those gourmet trucks.

Elise Capron was the bride and her dress was to die for. It wasn’t one of those dragging on the ground affairs, it was a bit above the floor but very modern and sassy looking with all of her shoulders and back lovely in the evening light. She was glowing; she was a princess. Her husband is a lucky guy. Elise has this great laugh and when she started saying her vows, I could hear her happiness bubbling under that low sexy voice.

Had a great talk with Sandy Dijkstra who Elise works for and who is the queen of agents on the West Coast. She looks like she stepped out of Town and Country.. She and her husband remind me of European couples you see, very dashing. You expect to hear they just stepped off a yacht.

The whole wedding was full of good looking people. Elise’s mother is gorgeous and her father’s this amazing athlete. The photographer was so breathtaking I kept thinking, you must love this job because you could be modeling. No one ever thought that about me. They usually hope I’ll work harder at my job and no one suggests that I quit. In fact, a Red Hen author once told me that I was not good looking enough to ever model so it’s a good thing I had another way to make a living. We still published his book/books, so that just shows that when someone insults me but it’s true, I just roll with the punches. I don’t have to be the person’s friend. When I sing, they always say, “So, what is your day job? Because obviously this ain’t it.”

I really loved the flowers at this wedding, more than most weddings which often have ridiculous flowers that either look they were tossed together—Ooh, let’s see what sunflowers look like with pansies! —Or, like you spent a zillion dollars robbing half the planet to make it all work. Unless you’re living the Gatsby life, it’s nice if the flowers all look natural. These were all white, but there were maybe five different kinds of white flowers, many were wild flowers in all these different size vases. I loved them.

And the music was great! Sometimes people play their own peculiar play list that no one else knows the music, I think at least some generally popular music is good. We started right in with, “Tonight’s going to be a good good night.” Which is a fun song for a wedding because the wedding night should be fun.

We have a wedding to go to in Connecticut on Saturday, so off to NY tomorrow. But now, we have a July 4th party. And when we get home, it won’t be too late for fireworks.

From my forthcoming book, The Goldilocks Zone, January 2014, University of New Mexico Press.

Gung Pow

You met a girl at a photo shoot.
You were the photographer, she was naked.
You used words like “aesthetic”
to describe the photographs.

Her with fishing poles and lines
a fake stream, sky, fake dragonflies,
her fingers against the pole.
There was too much light in her hair.

You had her move. Did you whisper?
Did you touch her shoulder? Her back?
Did you touch? It isn’t as though
I grudge you some kind of loveliness.

I’ve tried to please you. But so did Charles V’s
crowd of firemakers. Fireworks pleased him,
but many of them died while the king watched
the explosion of color, felt his mistress’ pale thighs.

The Chinese called fireworks “gung pow.”
That’s what Charles wanted in his bed and in the sky.
It’s what we all want. Especially you.
You say you don’t want an ordinary life.

In the 1890’s, the Society for the Suppression of Noise
tried to ban all fireworks displays in the U.S.
Pre Van Halen concerts and jet travel, these fools
complained that our cities were too noisy, folks can’t think right.

That’s completely bogus, you say.
You, who can’t bear Beethoven while you write.
I need to hear you. The Bible says, “Make a joyful noise.”
I want to year you, woman. All right, I say, Then give me.

Give you what? You’re still leafing through proofs.
I’m alone with my reflection, but I can hear you
rooms away. I call out, like seraphim voices reaching
through atmosphere. I call, Give me gung pow.

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