America is a police state

In Ireland, you hardly ever see the “Garda” as they call the police. In spite of the ubiquitous Guinness signs everywhere, and the full pubs, they don’t have the same problems with drunk driving as we do. When you are in Ireland, police don’t carry guns and citizens don’t have guns in their homes. Their prison population is small.

In America, we live in a police state. The police are everywhere; they are looking to arrest you at every turn. They carry guns and they shoot citizens; the racial profiling abuses in major cities like Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles are blatant.

When you are in Ireland, you are safe. Because so much of the population is armed not just with hunting rifles, which would be fine, but with handguns and assault weapons, we are not safe in the United States. Not in schools or daycares or on the street or in our cars. Americans are armed and ready to shoot each other and the police are ready to shoot at all of us.

And we have TSA and Homeland Security. We have Carnivore sifting our texts and emails. The FBI can find you at any time. As soon as we went through security at Shannon Airport, the firm grip of the American law began to close in around us. We had our passports checked three more times. The Americans had us go through security a second time with our bags. They had pictures of our suitcases, and I had to point to my orange bag and say, Yes, that’s mine.

America is not a safe place to live if you are a person of color; but it’s not a great place to be for any person who wants to remain safe. And the rest of the world isn’t safe from the U.S. Whenever one war starts to wind down, we get ready for another one. Syria and Iran are on our target list. For a while, I thought it was going to be Venezuela, but our troops are already in the Middle East, so why not go with a country nearby?

Being paranoid is no way to live, but accept this, the reason we have Columbine and Sandy Hook, and 5 % of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prison population and a huge prison industrial complex that controls legislation in all 50 states, the reason we live in a country that is one of the most dangerous countries in the world, it’s because we have way too many hand guns, too many machine guns, and too many weapons of mass destruction.

We live in a dangerous country. Ireland was safer. But, I’m glad to get home. Even though California is part of a dangerous country, I do like the sunshine and I like thinking about the beaches which are less than an hour drive away. I don’t have time to go there because I am working too hard to just live indoors in Los Angeles, but I like to think that like all good things in Los Angeles: Money, beaches and the good life are humming– sunny, thick and golden and entirely out of reach.

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  1. Police State: A state in which the government exercises rigid and repressive controls over the social, economic, and political life of the people, especially by means of a secret police.

    Example: Egypt under Mubarak, Syria under Assad, North Korea under Kim Jong Un, Chile under Pinochet…

    Bad examples of a police state: U.S., U.K.,…

    Enjoy a margarita and curse the U.S. tonight, Kate, it’s your free right to do so.

    • You are right, of course.

  2. Thanks, Kate, I lived overseas eight years, and have been to some countries, Cambodia, Pakistan, Zimbabwe…and there’s a lot of misery there, and a lot of desire to be in the US where the government, for the most part, leaves us alone.

    Also, I’m currently about to testify for an Assault II case against a felon-on-parole who’s looking at 10 years. A cop tried to find witnesses, and asked a couple friends of mine (black) to describe what happened, they each claimed they hadn’t seen the fight. Finally, they ask me, and I give a report. After, my friends start telling me about how they’re not “judging” what I did, but I have to understand that if they testify the police are going to put them into the car.

    I get it (not entirely), the police force has effed up big many times, but I’ve got a couple police friends, and the police are victims of some of the biggest prejudice in the US. For the most part, the police are genuinely out to protect us from criminals.

    Like I told my friends, we’re not in Mississippi in 1934, and that’s kind of how I felt after I read this post. Stand up for what’s right, but realize the US ain’t so bad.

    You take care,


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