Respecting authority

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What do you think when you see a sign saying, “Keep out!” I think to myself, “Okay, is anyone looking and if not, can I jump the fence?” That is what I think. I don’t have to jump the fence, but I will jump it if I feel the need. I think this about any signs that say to stay out or to go away. Who do you think you are talking to? What if I want to jump the gate? I also feel this way about traffic signs. Like the signs that say that one car at a time should go on the freeway. I don’t like those signs. If no cops are watching, I like to go on the freeway right after the other car. But I don’t break the law or break rules in any significant ways.

I do not do things that you could go to jail for. Some people take this further and are always breaking big laws: Selling weed or stealing booze from liquor stores. I don’t do that stuff. In movies, it looks exciting.

But what kills me is people who are paranoid about the government watching them. I won’t deny that the government is certainly watching us. Listening in to see if we are planning to do anything bad to the special house in Washington. I don’t want to say anything bad even in this blog because seriously, I am avoiding getting into trouble myself. But, what exactly are you doing that you are afraid of the government is hearing about. The worst thing I am doing is jumping fences or jumping on the freeway. What are you doing?

Okay, it’s evil that the government watches and listens. The whole Big Brother thing is a terrible shame. But, okay, once again, what are you doing? Because if you are not breaking the law, they are not listening to you. They are listening in to people plotting against the government or doing criminal acts. Are you plotting against the government or planning any criminal acts? If not, why are you so paranoid?

The government is too big. The government is way too much in our business. It interferes too much and “they” whoever they are watching us. They know when you’re awake, they know when you’re asleep, they know when you’ve been bad or good, they know if you’ve bought books, they know if you’ve bought condoms, they know that you watched porn, they know how much electricity you use, they know your secrets. That’s why we don’t like the government watching us. It isn’t that we’re breaking laws. It’s that we like to think some things are private. We like to think that there is a private life, but unfortunately, privacy is a thing of the 19th century or of a country that’s smaller than the U.S. The American government is in your cell phone, in your computer, in your bedroom in your underwear drawer. Get used to it and try not to break the law.

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  1. I’ll take sanctuary over privacy any day. We must create our own sanctuaries within us.

  2. Sanctuary:

    The institution of sanctuary, whatever its origin and meaning, appears to have performed a social function. Although often abused, it prevented excessive use of capital punishment and safeguarded against uncontrolled blood vengeance and execution without trial. The sanctuary was also the source of parliamentary immunities and the custom of diplomatic asylum in embassies

    Originally, sanctuaries were natural locations, such as groves or hills, where the divine or sacred was believed to be especially present.

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