Ask yourself what you want to do before you die and start doing it.

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Here are some things I want to do in my lifetime:

Go to Yosemite and go hiking
Climb the Eiffel Tower again.
Live in France for a month and see if I can recover French
Go to Italy
All right—go to Jerusalem, I admit it
Peru, Venezuela, Tierra del Fuego, Cape Horn, climbing the
Matterhorn has been ruled off, also Everest which was an early dream, but Killamanjaro remains, also swimming the Hellespont which I wanted to do this year, but I don’t know if I will make it.

I could go on, but we should all be working our way through lifetime dreams small and large. I can’t believe I’ve been living in California 25 years and haven’t made it to Yosemite. It’s ridiculous. We will go there in the next few months. We’ve done a lot of going to the Sequoias and I love it there.

The question is finding out what gives you joy in your life and then being with that. For some people it’s gardening, or spending time with family—having picnics, watching the kids grow up, watching them learn to play the music of their life.

Nobody ever said, My life is great—I have all these adventures and I have a good job and no money troubles, but I never see my kids because we don’t get along. I think the first step toward happiness is having integrity with the people you love and then finding the adventures and creature comforts that give you joy.

When I go home, I want to do some stuff to make our house seem more like a nest. Some people’s houses are very warm, my friends Darlene, Lisa and Karen all have houses that feel like they were thought out. Darlene’s is all adobe and curved walls and ceilings and little seats, Karen’s house is all about being in the back yard with the fountains and the trees and the little pool that my kids thought was a huge pool when they were little, and Lisa’s house has this library and the library has a secret door and there are flowers outside always blooming. I like the feeling of a life blooming. In Ireland, everything is blooming because they have some very hardy trees and plants. We go to Cork on Saturday and by Sunday we’ll be as far south as you can get in Ireland. But even that far south, I expect it will be cold. We’ll be on a tiny island, this is not a large place. You can walk from one end to the other in twenty minutes. As Steve would say, “They recently had the whole place carpeted.”

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