Getting to know the Irish

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There are yellow irises in bloom everywhere and buttercups covering the fields with the dandelions and there are many pink foxgloves.

Last night at the bar we had a long talk with an activist, a fireman and his wife, a baker and his wife, and the other guy and his wife we don’t know what they did. They were talking about bad things that have happened to Ireland, like there are some people here who have gotten divorced recently and that’s just terrible. It shouldn’t happen, and then I said that I had gotten divorced (always shy to speak up but managing anyhow) and the one man was shocked and said how did that happen and did he beat you and was he very violent and that’s why you had to get away for your safety and the safety of your children, and of course, then you feel very trivial saying that it just wasn’t working out, you feel like a jerk who doesn’t qualify to be part of an Irish Catholic society and perhaps you don’t. And the baker kept at it trying to figure out what would induce a person to just get a divorce.

And then there was the subject of the vicious drug trade for which they completely blamed the Canadians who they said have a tendency for packaging drugs that come in from Afghanistan and exporting them to the rest of the world. I had always thought drugs came from Northern California in the Emerald Triangle and hard drugs from Columbia and of course meth is everywhere, but now I know the truth. I’ve been warning my blog readers about the Canadian thieves who stole some of the strategic maple syrup reserves, but it turns out our northern neighbors misdeeds are on a slippery slope—from syrup to syringes. Who knew what danger lurked north of Niagara Falls? The fireman stressed that the worst thing that could happen to Ireland is if weed should be sold here and that weed leads very quickly to heroin.

The activist said the worst thing that can happen to Ireland is if abortion should become legal because then the Catholic children would be killed and that abortion always leads to violence in the streets. I had trouble make the connection between unprotected sex and shootings in urban areas, but as I said things in Ireland things are often a slippery slope.

She also told us about what’s wrong with the international banking system and how God is watching us, and we should obey the ten commandments, when you get a cell phone, the government is listening to you and that’s why you experience dropped calls which she said are a form of mind control. Which is good to know because I thought dropped calls were holes in the Los Angeles cell tower network, but now I know that shadowy area on the 210 right around Tujunga is just an area where the government is listening in to my calling my husband and asking if he can take me to sushi.

All of the people we talked with, especially the activist were very interesting and smart. I do not believe the government is controlling my mind. Not yet, but she may be right that it is a very good thing to watch out for.

If the government is really listening to all of our cell phone calls or even the let’s say ten percent of Americans who are actively thinking –that’s what 30 million of us? Listening to our calls, that explains a lot about why education is going down the tubes. All our tax dollars are going toward this conversation, “Hey Osborne Cox, you should be worried about the security of your shit. I’m talking to you, Osborne Cox.”

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  1. “Take me to sushi”… is that one of those code phrases that means the illicit maple syrup shipment has been delivered, and you can find it in the per-arranged drop spot, next to the illegally obtained Canadian Oxycontin?

    Or… have I said too much?

    • You are obviously in the know.

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