Swimming in the north Irish Sea

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Today I went for a swim in the north Irish sea out at Glassilaun Beach. I swam out and came back in and then decided to go out for a long swim and out I went. I really swam out pretty far. The beach is nice and sandy and you can see islands and far out into the Atlantic. The air today is fairly cold, maybe 55 degrees and the ocean was probably 40 degrees. I was in for a quite a while and swam way out beyond the waves to where the swells were pouring in and tossing me about and there were whitecaps.

Mark did not go for a swim. He stayed on shore. In fact, there were only about three or four people on the beach, and they all stayed on shore. Not a single one of them came into the water or even splashed around.

On the way back, we had to slow a bit because there were sheep in the road. By the road, there are people bringing up the peat and packaging it and stacking it and so on, and then later you can burn peat and your house smells like earth.

The Irish people like to talk about politics. And family and they want to know the story of your life, and they have time to hear it. It’s so weird how you can have a long conversation with people about life, the universe and everything.

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