Things I have learned about Ireland

fff 011 Mark outside in the Irish sunlight

1. People are very friendly and will talk to almost anyone. There is none of that turning up the nose—I am better than you and you and I both know it, don’t we? That you see in Los Angeles.
2. The quilting women are cool. They get together every Monday night and seem to know everything about everyone in the circle’s personal history. I bet they need no therapy.
3. They say that Irish towns all have a pub or two even if only one hundred people live there.
4. The quilting women like hot brandy. They say they aren’t very good quilters, but I bet they are.
5. They were asking me directions to Galway. Fortunately, Mark showed up. I might have sent them to Dublin or even out of the country altogether.
6. There are fires at night even in summer.
7. They burn peat which is basically mud they find in the bog. There are people who make a living digging the mud out of the bog.
8. There are a lot of sheep which are herded by dogs. Some people just care for the sheep.
9. The quilters say that they are in such a backwater that they don’t have access to the same kind of quilting materials as Americans who do an amazing job quilting. We didn’t know Americans were all so professional, but we bragged quite a bit about our friend Nancy and her quilting, quite dazzling them with tales of her kaleidoscope quilts.
10. The vegetables are very fresh and good in the markets. There are special markets for produce and special markets for meat and fowl. I really want some fresh duck so we can make roast duck. We don’t really know how to do it, but how difficult can duck be? We know how to cook chicken, turkey and Cornish game hen, which I also want to cook here.
11. I went hiking today and did considerable cloud watching because I had these coughing fits. And that was good because I had a chance to do some cloud watching. There were two clouds colliding and I am sure they were ocean liner clouds, but Mark would have said they were space ships. He might have been right as you find space ships in the air so much more often than ocean liners.
12. I am getting enough sleep. I am getting better. At first I thought I wouldn’t get better, but then I started in on the Irish whiskey and I started to recover right away.
13. A lot of tourists from France like to visit Ireland, also from other European countries. It’s very quiet here and I think the tourists like that.
14. Actually, they don’t, that’s why they rush around in buses from place to place.
15. We have been here a week tomorrow, and I can feel myself breathing. Breathing in and out.

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  1. That’s it. I’m totally going to Ireland next year, even though I suspect that Homer, Alaska, is a little like it already. I mean we have fires all summer and it’s quiet here (and I employ the whiskey cure on a regular basis).

  2. I love this, Kate! Thanks for sharing.

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