How much is a bag of wool? And why did the black sheep have so many of them?

vv 251
Small car we are driving around Ireland

This country seems to be full of sheep. Sheep with thick wool, sheep with baby lambs, sheep out in the daytime and in the night too. Dogs herding the sheep. It stays light until between 10 and 11 pm and it gets light between 3 and 4 am. It’s kind of weird how much light you get this far north. At nine pm, we go down to check the email. I need sunglasses leaving the house as the sun is still up, and it’s quite bright out.

The flowers that grow around here are mostly rhododendrons and yellow gorse bushes. There are quite a few sheep and lambs and sometimes on our way back to the little cottage, those sheep and lambs are sleeping in the road. Well, maybe just resting. The lambs are about half grown but are still nursing from their moms whenever they have a chance. The moms have horns. Even the lambs have little horns. The whole country is full of light and horny woolly creatures. And flowers with thorns. We’ve seen a number of kids busking in the street both in Galway and Westport. Steve is busking in Sydney, Australia, and I’ll have to tell him that Ireland is a great busking place as well.

It does get cold and rains here, although oddly, we must have brought California sunshine with us because it’s been sunny ever since we arrived.

Because I’ve been sick, I’m on this weird combination of stuff—these throat lozenges, cold medicine, nasal spray, hot honey and vinegar, (I know adding Irish whiskey would be a real plus, believe me, I’m thinking about it, Mark even said he’d join me in an Irish whiskey.) and wine.

It’s near shearing season here in Ireland, the fleeces look like they’re near falling off. Which reminds me of shearing season in New Hampshire. I was on the shearing team, and was responsible for bringing the sheep and doing some of the shearing. I also clipped the sheep’s hooves afterward.

We have no Wifi, and we have no phone here at the house and make no mistake, TV is out of the question. But we brought our own tunes and our little speaker and we have classical music and this cool playlist my friend Cicily made me that has Jefferson Starship back to back with Chris Tarry and Billy Joel so you can write while wilding around to music. “It’s just another Sunday, getting tired of the street…. They call us irresponsible. We built this city on rock and roll.” I suppose we could listen to U2, but I’m not sure we have any with us. I discovered this music on my flash drive and Mark hacked the iPod. My students say the good thing about Droids vs. iPhones is that you buy them jail broken and you don’t have to take them to some guy who wants a bag of weed for jail breaking your phone. Yeah, that’s got to be a drag.

There are some black sheep in the pasture; I see them sneaking along the fence with their wool. Wily sheep.


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