First Day in Ireland

First impressions of Ireland


  1. The food here includes a lot of potatoes.  We went to this great place today for lunch called Moran on the Weir and then tonight to the Quays, a lovely pub where I had salmon and Mark had chicken.  My salmon had three kinds of potatoes, but Mark got lucky with four kinds.  You can never have too many potatoes.  For lunch we had these stuffed oysters that were awesome, and there were swans on the lake.  My daughter would say, “Maximum Quaintness!” She’d be saying that everywhere.  What with the houses with thatched roofs, the small streets and our small car, she’d be pretty charmed.
  2. The Irish are fine with very small cars.  The bright blue car we are driving is a stick shift, and it is tiny.  Slightly bigger than a Smart Car, our car is actually the envy of Smart Cars everywhere.  They see our car coming, and they think, Wow!  Look at it’s four tiny doors! Its tiny trunk!  Its room for at least a suitcase on the back seat.
  3. There is only one thing on television—an expose on Hitler which shows that Hitler was a bad guy.  They actually have a part showing what Hitler wanted his generals to do and they show a long part of fighting dogs out of control, to give you the idea.  Okay, I got it.  Still processing the end of World War II? 
  4. The Irish are very friendly. 
  5. We are exhausted because of the time change. 
  6. Driving on the “wrong” side of the road is crazy.  It feels like everything is out of control.  It feels like cars are coming toward you.  It feels like your world turned around.
  7. Galway has a lot of tourists.
  8. This hotel Spanish Arches where we are staying is really nice.  I would recommend it to anyone.  Thank you, Maureen! You rock!
  9. The sweaters they sell here on Ireland look amazing.  I want one.
  10. Love the bookstores here.  I’ve bought some books to read.  And now, I look forward to the unwinding.
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