Okay only let your hair go gray if you rule

May 30th, 2013

I am too tired to move. I had dinner tonight at Momofuku in the East Village with Alice Quinn and we had good wine and I had mescal first. It was the best food I’ve had all week. NY has way too much really good food. They have walking and bikes otherwise they would be so big; they would need more boroughs. But in fact, the New Yorkers are so beautiful and elegant. I walked around in heels and when my feet were killing me, then I walked in bare feet tonight.

And I am getting all this flack from my good looking girlfriends with gray hair. Nancy is a doctor and probably gets more respect from her patients. There are certain things that give you more respect. If you think you can walk around with gills and not be taken for a fish, think again. Grey hair in the medical profession means I have the Knowledge with a capital K.

Ellen Meeropol the author of House Arrest looks great with her grey hair and my friend Jackie is a sexy woman with her grey spiky hair, she’s got it all going on. Here’s the real thing, if you’ve got gray hair and you can manage to still look like a sexy wench or just someone who’s beautiful. My friend Peggy has gray hair and she’s beautiful. I am too insecure to ever let my hair go gray. Brave New World

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