Should you let your hair turn grey?

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New York is getting hot. We went to dinner at L’Artusi tonight with friends. Very good food. West Village. You get different plates and you share. Like Chinese food, only better.

Setup today at the BEA. And it is getting warmer pretty quickly. Today we are sweating walking around NY.

We are having a lot of good meetings, and I can feel a swirl of good Red Hen energy. I met a friend who is letting her hair turn grey. She looks great, I admit. She says she’s just not into dyeing her hair any more. She shouldn’t have to. I have to say, she’s got it going on grey hair or no. But in general, I wouldn’t advise it.

Should you let your hair turn grey?

Pluses. Your husband will probably like it. Men are naturally insecure. They want to think that no one else would want to have sex with the little woman, and nothing says, “I’m not into sex any more like cutting your hair and/or letting it turn grey.” Men like to be in control, and if you are wild, in shape and sexy, that’s going to be difficult. So, men like you to keep the good looks on the DL so they can be the BOSS.

As for how you feel otherwise, it’s not that no men will give you the come hither look that makes your heart sing, but in fact, different men will give you the look. I don’t want to let my hair go or let go of anything else, but that’s just me. Perhaps I fear being invisible. Perhaps, I fear.

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