New York rain

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NY rain. All day the rain. We walked in the rain down to the Statue of Liberty. We like checking on her; she seemed good but a little suspicious of some of the activities she can see from her vantage point.

I went to the offices of Marie Clarie and Oprah. The Hearst building is large and impressive, like being inside the vault in Hogwarts; there are levels of excellence, and no one looks in the least bit grim. They all seem very happy. There are racks of clothing hanging about in the fashion offices and I suppose they are standing about deciding which clothing is right for next season. I heard someone saying in the lunch area, “I will wear the coat tomorrow. Wait until you see the coat,” with the rapture we reserve for lovers, children and the publication of a first book. I was dumb-founded at this orgiastic nonsense over a coat. I think there is a love of fashion here so deep that I, for one, cannot understand.

I wore a blue skirt and I have my blue raincoat. My blue raincoat holds me out against the rain, holds me out like a thimble in the rain, I am upside down and the rain shattering off me into the pavement, but my hair wet and all of us here in NY, wondering when the sun will come out.

I know that Los Angeles is sunny at this time; brilliant and golden in the palm trees. The house sitter says the garden is growing and the dogs are very happy. I know my roses are rushing up in the heat.

Marie Claire and Oprah are magazines that move women to be their best selves, to reach out beyond themselves. Marie Claire wants to say, “Have an adventure.” Oprah says, “You are an adventure,” and I like both of those. The idea that you can walk out into the world and not listen to the “No.” Not listen to the, “Why?” but instead listen to the “Why not?” You think you cannot dress the part? Of course you can not only dress the part, you can be the part. You can own the part. You got this.

Tomorrow we have the setup for the Book Expo at the Javitts Center and I have a lunch and then meetings and finally we’ll have dinner at an Italian restaurant with friends. NY is such a dizzying place, it’s amazing that people get so much work done here.

We had dinner at Le Singe Vert. I had chicken and Mark had tuna Nicoise, both of which were excellent, and I had French onion soup first which is why we went to the restaurant in the first place because I am simply crazy for French onion soup and sometimes I crave it so badly I can hardly sit up straight, my head starts to swim. At this place, it was really good. That’s probably our meal with just the two of us in NY, good beginning, middle and end of the dinner choices. I’m tired; I need more sleep in this city which is full of noise, horns and crashing all night long.

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