Differences between LA and NY

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We walked the Highline today which is a long skinny NY park up on what used to be the railway tracks, and it very beautiful and has grasses, trees and flowers. Carting all that dirt up there must have been quite difficult. It was very crowded up there, and lots of people were enjoying the little walkway up high and the little grasses, and then we went through the Chelsea market where there are bakeries and cookies, candied and restaurants and markets where we bought some cheese. And then we walked the Hudson River Park which is also a long skinny walk by the river and we walked down to the Statue of Liberty.

In Los Angeles, we have larger parks, and in the parks we have palm trees and places to play soccer, and in those soccer fields we have the whole population from south of the border playing soccer every weekend and it is very happy to see all those people playing soccer and their wives and girlfriends are often spread out on blankets eating tortillas and watermelon and salsa.

Here, there were people spread out sunning themselves and many gay men exercising. The men in NY are very good looking and in fricking amazing shape, but they all seem to be gay. I know there must be a few straight people in this city, but I’ll be damned if any of them are men. Or very few. So if you find a straight guy, even if he’s a crazy midget or a wild man with long hair and a strong overbite who smells kind of funny, just overlook these minor details and go for him.

In LA, we spend most of our time in our own houses or in our own cars. In NY, people get out in public, they walk the streets, they walk the parks, they take off their clothes in parks and get some sun. They get out a lot more into the streets and we probably spend way too much time crouched in our rooms.

They wear more comfortable shoes here than you see women wearing in LA too. They’re pretty into the whole NY is the center of the world thing too. We don’t have to brag about the center of the world because we know that the center of the world is not Los Angeles. It’s not New York either. I think the center of the world is wherever you want to live. And NY isn’t for everybody.

NY has an outrageous number of good restaurants. Not that we’ve been to any, but we see them. More restaurants than Los Angeles I’m thinking. Today the weather was beautiful, and in the perfect weather, I thought, I could live here in NY. I always have a lot of meetings in NY, and I see friends, the composer Daniel Felsenfeld who I work with and his wife, the writer Elizabeth Gold. By train, I went to visit John Barr and by train Mark and I will go up to visit Jim Tilley.

I like visiting NY and the way people have to confront each other on the streets; I like the business of NY, but for a life, it might be exhausting. This visit is fun so far though; I even went to Anthropologie, a store that makes me feel romantic. NY is a dream of fast money; it is a dream of thick solid air. We saw The Great Gatsby tonight, a NY with money, a NY that’s gone. A fabulous movie, great acting. Loved this.

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